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See what our students and musicians have said about our guitar lessons London reviews and testimonials:

“Darryl is an amazing passionate teacher he really cares about development and wants to know what you want to learn. When I started learning guitar I was so frustrated of trying to teach myself on youtube videos and books but was not working but when i started taking lessons with Darryl immediately it felt like he gave me the key to unlock inside talent thank you for all your help.” – Dean C. – Guitar Lessons London Review at Guitar Tuition East London.



“My playing before I took guitar lessons with Guitar Tuition East London was stuck in a box. I was finding a guitar tab, and I could only play the guitar tab but I didn’t have any self expression and I didn’t know my way around the guitar.
Since I started taking guitar lessons, it has unlocked the fretboard and now I can put on a record, recognise what key it is in and just solo over it. Even my mum thought I was part of the record and she had no idea that I was playing the guitar till she saw it in my hands! It’s really nice now to be able to play along to some of my favourite music.”
– Rob A. – Guitar Lessons London Review at Guitar Tuition East London.



“If you want to start learning guitar as an adult, you will definitely benefit from being in guitar lessons. It’s a fun atmosphere to be in, whatever level you are at, you will still be surprised how much you can learn.” – Laura R. Acoustic Guitar Lessons Review at Guitar Tuition East London.
“Darryl is a great guitar teacher! Very organised and approachable and I always enjoy our lessons. I’ve made amazing progress since I started a couple of months ago! Highly recommend!” – Megan S. Guitar Lessons East London Review of Guitar Tuition East London.


“I’ve been through quite a few guitar teachers and I’ve learnt a lot and learnt a lot of different styles to playing guitar. But there was a lot of consistency and continuity. Which I found difficult to integrate and apply it to my learning. I was beginning to lose my passion for learning guitar. But things have changed since I’ve started with Guitar Tuition East London in so many ways. Now I feel more progression week on week than I ever have before. It’s so rewarding and encouraging to feel yourself making so much progress. Guitar Tuition East London really is an all-encompassing guitar music school. I’ve learnt really interesting, efficient, and engaging ways of improving my musicality that I can apply to my singing and song writing as well. ” – Nick I. An Acoustic Singer Songwriter Guitar Student reviewing Guitar Lessons London by Guitar Tuition East London.


“Before I started lessons, I had no sense of musiciality at all. I didn’t know the difference between a melody or a chord. In a very short space of time, my confidence has gone up so much. And my musicality has improved. After only 4 months, I did my first performance as well, coming from not knowing anything. I feel respected in regards to my goals and what I want to do on the guitar. I would recommend Guitar Tuition East London because of the atmosphere that you get, the teaching and the supportive environment. Through my whole career in all fields of learning, this has been the best that I’ve ever come across.” – Tom B. Reviewing Guitar Lessons London by Guitar Tuition East London.


“Before I started lessons, I got frustrated with YouTube because it was so overwhelming. And now that I’ve been taking lessons, I can work out my favourite songs and how to play it. I look forward to lessons every week! You will definitely get something out of lessons. It really encourages and motivates me to keep playing.” – Karen Reviewing Guitar Lessons London by Guitar Tuition East London.



Guitar Lessons London Reviews Matt, London, Acoustic Guitar Player
“The guitar lessons are really dynamic and varied. I thoroughly enjoy the guitar lessons and have found a new enthusiasm for practising my guitar daily. And since starting lessons, I’ve seen both my skill and enthusiasm for playing build incredibly quickly. I am setting goals on improving my guitar playing that I can see I will accomplish. Importantly, I would highly recommend Guitar Tuition East London for any level of abilities. Even if you are a totally beginner or a seasoned professional, I’ll be the first to recommend Guitar Tuition East London. Darryl’s knowledge, style,  and enthusiasm are second to none.” – Matthew B. Acoustic Guitar Lessons at Guitar Tuition East London.


“Brilliant tutor. I am not attending tuition by myself but I signed my daughter which is attending already 2 years. I must say from the beginning when she was completely blind about music and guitar and now my daughter make huge step ahead under Darryl’s tuition. Very often I have a chance to take part in my daughters lesson and I can see really great connection between the tutor and pupils. The way how all activities have been organized is just amazing. The most important I never heard from my daughter she doesn’t want to go for a guitar lesson because of something…
Good spirit.
Keep rollin!” – Piotr Parker, East London, Father of a student at our kids guitar lessons at Guitar Tuition East London.


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Guitar Lessons East London Reviews Pedro, Electric Guitar Lessons London
“I spent a very long time looking for the right guitar teacher for me, and it was when I met Darryl at Guitar Tuition East London that I knew I had found someone who can teach me the right things on the guitar. He really motivates me to practise every single day because I see how fast I am progressing. He is a very honest man and I really feel that I have not only found an amazing guitar teacher but a actual friend for life.” – Pedro, London, Electric Guitar Player taking guitar lessons with Guitar Tuition East London.


“Incredible teacher for all ages. My son and I learn with Darryl and we have both made fantastic progress and can now play music at home together which is an amazing gift.” – Demi B. A guitar student and mother of a student, both taking guitar lessons from Guitar Tuition East London.

“I started guitar as a novice, I struggled at first but with Darryl’s constant encouragement I I’m now able play a lot better than I ever imagined.
Darryl keeps lessons exciting and relevant inviting various musicians to inspire and encourage learning. Theory is also valuable as we are able to take away written work and handouts which has been beneficial for me as a reference.
I would highly recommend Guitar Tuition East London for all persons with all abilities. Thanks Darryl for keeping me going even when I felt I couldn’t, I’ve achieved so much, more than I ever expected.” – Caroline W. London, Acoustic Guitar Lessons London Review of Guitar Tuition East London.

“It’s been difficult finding material on the internet to learn how to play the guitar. I have progressed so much faster now that I take lessons. In 9 motnhs, I’m already learning how to do sweep picking! Now i can play songs like Metallica.” Blazej, 15, Kids Guitar Lessons Review at Guitar Tuition East London.


Guitar Lessons London Reviews Naomi, London, Electric Guitar Player
“I knew there was a lot I didn’t know and I didn’t take to take playing guitar seriously in the past year. Since I started taking lessons, I now know what to practise on the guitar. Even with a short amount of time, I can optimize it to get the most out of it. I’ve found that since taking lessons, I know a lot more about chords, scales and keys, things that seemed difficult is now a lot easier. Now I can apply the music theory to guitar playing.  ” Naomi, London


“Darryl’s a great teacher for guitarists of all ages and abilities. The lesson programme is all cleverly structured so you will pick up new skills quickly to develop all aspects of your playing. They are always good fun, too, thanks to his enthusiasm. Can’t recommend Guitar Tuition East London enough” – Daniel P, Electric Guitar Lessons London at Guitar Tuition East London.


“Excellent tutor. Before his guitar lessons I was shy and wouldn’t play in front of any one but after a few lessons I found my confidence and am now happy to show off.
Darryls teaching methods suited my style of learning as he found my weak spots and concentrates on them.
Amazing workshops are available to attend which I’d advise, such variety in instructors and style!
I’d recommend anyone of any age or level to attend because you will benefit greatly.” – Claire H. Guitar Teacher London Review, Guitar Tuition East London.


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“Before having lessons I was stuck in a rut and was learning the same old songs via youtube, I was actually thinking about stopping playing the guitar all together. But, since starting lessons my guitar playing has improved a lot.    Even family and friends have told me so. I can now play barre chords, power chords, arpeggios and strumming patterns. I love coming to the lessons and look forward to them every week!” – Glenn Slack, Guitar Tuition East London Review

“I was quite scared when I first started playing because everyone made it look so easy. Now I play things straight away.. I know what to do. There is a really calm atmosphere so you are never thinking, ‘oh no, i might get this wrong’. The lessons are really relaxed and you learn a lot!” – Catherine, 12, Guitar Tuition East London Review


guitar lessons London
“I am glad I take guitar lessons with Darryl as he breaks it down to achievable tasks and spots straight away individual weaknesses giving tips on how to improve them. He is extremely friendly and always there to go an extra mile for his students. I highly recommend him and I have seen a massive difference in my guitar playing since I have joined him.” – Haniya Mir, Kids Guitar Lessons London Review of Guitar Tuition East London.


Guitar Lessons London Review
“Before I took guitar lessons with Darryl, I was an absolute novice. I have always been a huge fan of guitar music, but had never really tried to play. Within my first 10 lessons, I have learned several chords and neat techniques on changing between them, as well as scales and strumming patterns. Best of all, I have put these new skills to use by playing along to some of my favourites by the likes of Oasis, Bob Marley and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Each week, I leave the lesson with a smile and a sense of achievement!” – Satish Tanna, Guitar Teacher London Reviews with Guitar Tuition East London. 


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“I had been been thinking about learning to play the guitar for a very long time but never had the courage to find a tutor or the patience to teach myself. So when I received a flyer for East London Guitar Tuition I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! And I’m so glad I did! Darryl, with his relaxed, approachable and friendly nature, is able to put you at ease straight away whilst maintaining outstanding professionalism. His lessons are always well thought out and tailored to the individual. Darryl is always very encouraging and he is able to introduce new techniques without making it feel overwhelming…and he picks the most incredible songs to learn!” – Sandra Sowerby – Guitar Lessons London review of Guitar Tuition East London


“There is no doubting Darryl’s ability and knowledge on guitars, but what impresses me the most about him is his teaching skills. No matter what stage you are at he will make sure you achieve your goals” – Matthew H. Guitar Teachers London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London


“I have taken lessons with great guitar teachers all over the world, and the workshops I had with Darryl at East London Guitar Tuition were some of the best guitar tuition I have received. Highly recommended. If you want results, this is the place to go.” – Sam R. Professional Musician


“I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I got a leaflet posted through my door about guitar lessons and knew this was my opportunity to start. From not knowing a note to now knowing how to play whole songs is a great achievement. Darryl is a good teacher and I would recommend him to my friends.” – Julie Edwards, Guitar Lessons London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


“Darryl is a great teacher and with his great guitar programs, you can learn to shave years off your guitar playing. Darryl takes the time to get to know you and understand exactly what it is you want to achieve on guitar and he sets up a lesson plan tailored to you and what you need to do first, second, third etc… in order to help you achieve big results in a short period of time. If you’re a parent who’s looking to get your child high quality guitar lessons, if you’ve never touched the guitar, or if you’ve already been playing for a few years, Darryl will help you become the best guitar player you possibly can.” Dan M – Professional Musician, Guitar Lessons London Review with Guitar Tuition East London.


“My daughter was a complete novice before enrolling on Darryl’s Guitar Lessons. She failed miserably attempting a self taught C.D. and a few youtube channels. However, since commencing Darryl’s Guitar programme she has come on ‘leaps and bounds’. I am extremely impressed with my daughter’s fantastic progress in such a short period time and this is TESTAMENT to Darryl’s professionalism and extensive knowledge in this field. I would most certainly recommend Darryl to anyone. Thank you Darryl!” – Carol King, Guitar Teacher London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


“Before I’m coming to Darryl to take guitar lesson I was really confused about how to learn the guitar. But once I started to take lessons all the confusion went away and all my questions were answered. I was able to get the proper guidance. Darryl is really helpful, patient and motivated. I highly recommend Darryl to everyone who wants to see themselves as a successful guitarist.” – Tomal Mehraj, Guitar Lessons London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


“I’ve traveled the world and studied with a lot of guitar teachers and all I can say is that the level of teaching at Guitar Tuition East London is right there at the top! There aren’t many guitar teachers that have professional education, knowledge and understanding to make you the best guitar player you can become. You will get this and so much more at Guitar Tuition East London.” – Jure G, Professional Musician, Guitar Lessons London Review of Guitar Tuition East London.


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“I’ve been having lessons with Darryl for five months and have definitely made faster progress than I have with other music teachers before. Darryl makes sure I know the theory behind every new concept or technique I learn so that I can apply it to my own songs. I can actually play more of the ideas I hear in my head now, and have the skills to write them down for others to play along with.” – Nick T, Guitar Lessons London Review of Guitar Tuition East London.


“Darryl’s tuition is top notch. He really knows how to get his students to understand music and be creative with it as well as playing their favourite songs.” – Diana, Professional Guitar Teacher Review Guitar Lessons of Guitar Tuition East London.

“I’ve always loved music, and coming from a musical family i really wanted to learn a new musical instrument. The guitar has always fascinated me, but i wasn’t confident to learn on my own. When I got in touch with Darryl, he made me feel so at ease and explained how he works. His enthusiasm, patience and commitment to my learning is second to none, and i would recommend him to my friends.

Darryl keeps me focused and breaks down learning in manageable chunks to suit me. I feel I’ve made great progress and i’m really happy with everything so far, considering i couldn’t even play a single correct note just only 4 months ago. I look forward to my sessions every week, and i have got to know some lovely people. All in all, i am a very satisfied customer & really pleased that i chose to learn the guitar, plus i dont think i’d find a more patient and enthusiastic tutor anywhere else! ” – Hannah Plews, Acoustic Guitar Lessons London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


“Before taking lessons with Darryl I was running around on YouTube like a headless chicken going from one site to another spending a lot of time without actually making any progress. The good thing about taking lessons with Darryl is that my lessons are now structured and planned, you say how much time per day you have to spare for practice and Darryl then prepares a weekly lesson plan for you which consist of music theory and practice songs the plan is geared to your level of ability each week. I even got a comment from one of my kids yesterday saying I was sounding good so that is a major improvement from when they used to shut doors when I was practicing!” – Michael Mckellop, Guitar Lessons East London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


“If you are looking to start playing or play already and want to improve look no further than Guitar Tuition East London. Darryl is a superb and professional guitar teacher who is committed to helping you achieve your guitar playing goals. Don’t waste time looking anywhere else, give him a call today!” – Joe B Professional Guitar Teacher reviewing Guitar Tuition East London


“Lessons are great fun and very entertaining and I find the environment very relaxing and calm. Darryl’s teaching skills are great and he is very helpful when I don’t understand something he takes the time to explain things well and is very patent. With your help my guitar skills are much better! I can’t think of anything that could be improved as your lessons are so well thought through.” – Vesta, 10, Kids Guitar Lessons London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


“Darryl has an infectious passion for music and teaching and he has made me improve tremendously. As a busy working professional I do not have a lot of time on my hands but Darryl has designed easy and simple techniques to keep me practicing regularly and improve my guitar playing continuously. Darryl has tailored the lessons to my musical preferences thus making it enjoyable and fun” – Karl Kamgdom Electric Guitar Lessons London Reviews of Guitar Tuition East London. 


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