Learning to play guitar is an amazing experience. Honestly, learning the instrument can be life-changing for many. If you wish to learn something so significant, then it’s vital that you start off right. 

There are several mistakes that beginners make which can hinder their progress in the long run. These mistakes aren’t really severe and can be avoided with little adjustment and mindfulness. 

If you’ve just started out your musical journey, then here are 5 mistakes you may be making. Also, we’ll tell you how to avoid them...

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.


This is a mistake that many can be trapped in. Without having the right posture, you may end up hurting your back or your wrist. That can be a big demotivation right from the start. 

Ensure that you are comfortable with the instrument. The curves on the guitar are properly adjusted with your knees and the chest.

To begin with, try and play while sitting. Only go on to play standing when you feel comfortable. 

With the right posture, you’ll see that there’s no strain. Strumming and playing notes can become as easy as ABC.

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Playing out of tune

Don’t let yourself be a victim of an out-of-tune guitar. The minute you pick up the guitar is the minute your ear registers the sounds of the strings. Be very cautious of your tuning. 

There are portable tuners available that you can just put on the headstock and check your tuning each time you play. Several semi-acoustics come with a built-in tuner. If you can’t have these two, then there are several applications available that you can use and get tuned.

Also, newbies can break strings while tuning. Especially the low E and B string.

To avoid this problem, scroll to the bottom of this article to watch our video about how to tune your guitar.

3 mistakes beginner guitarists make and how to avoid them

Avoiding difficult things

Many beginners start avoiding things as they level up. For instance, once they’re comfortable with open chords, they hesitate to move on to the barre chords. 

Don’t avoid something just because it’s a little difficult. Embrace the instrument completely. Rather than avoiding it, tackle it with unmatched dedication.

You can’t master the guitar in a day. Rather than avoiding, take things slow and practice until you can play with perfection.

Inconsistent Practice

Don’t practice according to your ‘mood’. Beginners tend to make this mistake a lot. One day they practice for hours because they’re pumped. And then they may not even pick up the instrument for a couple of days.

20 minutes every day is far better than practicing 10 hours on the weekend and then leaving the instrument for the whole week.

Always set a time and a goal for your practice and be determined to complete the task. That is one sure way to go farther on the musical journey.


This is one thing that can put off your musical practice as a beginner. Sure, as a beginner, you’d be pumped up to play your favourite songs to your friends right away. But remember, there’s a time to play, and there’s a time to practice.

As a newbie, your focus should be on practice rather than playing. Don’t rush into things. 

If you practice consistently, there will surely come a time when you’d be able to play your favourite songs. But if you try and play ahead of time you can lose the game. 

3 mistakes beginner guitarists make and how to avoid them

Closing Thoughts

There’s no harm in making mistakes. Every beginner makes them. As long as you are willing to look at the mistakes and address them, there’s really nothing to worry about.

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