A guitar- some play it for passion...

Some play it to express their feelings...

And some want to look cool and be a part of something bigger.

No matter the intent, everyone who picks up the instrument wishes to be a little better than they are.

Getting better at the instrument isn’t rocket science. 

You just need to do a few things right, and voila- you naturally level up!

Whether you are an aspiring shredder wishing to rip Metallica solos...

Or a fingerstylist trying to be the next Ewan Dobson...

We are here to help.

Down below are a few tips that’ll up your game with the instrument.

The Perfect Pause 

Silence is one thing that’s as important as sound.

While the majority of players neglect it, pauses are really powerful

It engages listeners and always keeps them anticipating what’ll come next.

Pauses are vital if you wish to escalate your guitar game!

Add them between chord transitions, and you’ll feel the magic.

You can also give a ‘semi-pause’ by letting the sound of a chord linger instead of muting it completely.

A pause can also serve as a turning point for the song you play. Wanting to shift a natural minor to a harmonic minor?

Do it with a pause and leave your listeners in awe!

5 Tips That Will Significantly Up Your Guitar Game

Hear what you play 

There’s time to play, and there’s time to replay.

Record yourself and analyse your piece.

Revisit what you play to know the areas of improvement and where you are making the wrong moves. Be your own judge.

An added benefit to this- the recordings will allow you to track your progress.

For instance, if you’re learning to sweep pick... you’ll see a visible difference if you record yourself a week apart. 

Recordings allow you to see your progress and keep you motivated to move further.

5 Tips That Will Significantly Up Your Guitar Game

Learn Something New Every Day 

Don’t let yourself fall victim to stagnation.

Learn something new every day if you wish to ace the instrument. 

Also, know the difference between playing something superficially...

And learning it to the point where you play as well as the original.

Be it a chord, a riff, or a plucking pattern, add something new to your knowledge bank.

Make this a part of your everyday routine, and you’ll see yourself grow in no time.

Befriend the metronome 

Eventually, you’ll be getting out of your room and play the instrument with fellow musicians.

All the efforts will go down the drain if you can’t maintain rhythm. To overcome this problem, incorporate using a metronome into your playing as early as you can.

After that, you can move on to backing tracks. This practice will significantly up your game.

And you’ll find no problem staying in time when hi-hat hits replace metronome clicks

5 Tips That Will Significantly Up Your Guitar Game

Listen carefully before you play 

This one thing can be a game-changer for you.

Many guitarists rush when it comes to playing...

All they want to do is listen to something once and play it on the instrument. 

To become a better guitarist, you should have the patience to be with music even without your guitar. 

Before you hop on to play something, absorb the melody...

Listen to it a dozen times before you try your hands on it.

This practice will set you in the right headspace that’s required to master something.

Often, listening is the only difference between an average and an advanced player.

Have patience, and you’ll see that reflect on your instrument in the form of better playing.

5 Tips That Will Significantly Up Your Guitar Game

Final thoughts 

Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s no easy way to master the guitar.

All you have to have is the dedication to stick with the instrument until you reach your goal.

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