Everyone has regrets.

This is one of my biggest ones when it comes to learning music. (I have others, but I’ll spare you from hearing those.)

Every time I think back to this moment in my life, I’m left with two thoughts swimming around in my head:

  • A sense of regret, sadness, and shame for the time that I recklessly wasted...
  • And an unanswerable question - “Why did I think doing that was a good idea?”

Here’s what happened…

I had a variety of teachers growing up. I started out at 10 years old. (Some would consider this quite late to be starting guitar.) My first teacher was at my local school. I had 20 minute lessons in-between lessons inside a group of eight over kids… many of which didn’t really want to be there.

I could tell the teacher was struggling. But this was the one thing I wanted to do… so I practised at home. A LOT.

As time went on, I moved on to other teachers. Ending up with TWO during high school… followed by a different teacher as I got into college.

Why is all of this important?

Because by the end of college… I was sick.

Sick of mediocre teachers who weren’t really helping me solve the problems I had. 

Sick of not really improving as fast as I thought I could.


So I made a rash decision…

I made a little mistake that cost me two years of my life…

I tried to teach myself guitar.

At first it seemed fun. Browsing the internet. Watching hours of content on YouTube. Downloading guitar TAB to my favourite songs…

But it became obvious I had no idea how to teach myself. (This only became obvious after two years mind you.)

During those two years my guitar playing stayed at exactly the same level.

Two years of time wasted. Two years I’ll never get back.

I know it might seem like I’m making a big deal out of this… but music is the one thing I love more than anything. This meant a lot to me.

At the end of those two years, it became clear I needed a new teacher…

One who I felt understood ME and MY challenges… and had solutions for them.

Thankfully, I found someone. 

From there, my progress skyrocketed again. And those are the best musical years of my life.

I ended up travelling around Europe giving workshops to some friends I made. I learned how to play and understand music to a level I had no idea existed. I got into a tribute band doing 2-3 shows every weekend for a year…

And much more.

A lot has changed since then and it’s all because I made a decision to find someone to help.

I’m not hinting that you have to drop everything and come learn with our team of teachers at our guitar school here…

But to find a professional who can help. Who understands YOU. And what you want to get out of music. Whether that’s to take it as far as I did… or to be able to confidently play the songs you love.

Guitar lessons for adults with guitar tuition east london

If you’d like that to be us, let us know by clicking the orange button below.

If not, no hard feelings. I hope this article helped someone today.

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