Have you ever faced this problem?

You’ve been practising your favourite song…

Things are going well. You’re making good progress…

Then all of a sudden you come across “the chord.”

You know the kind...

The ones that give you nightmares at night. Those chords that cause your fingers to get in a muddle. And fill you with dread if you’ll even be able to play them.

Here’s A Quick Way To Speed Up Those Chord Changes That Are Giving You Grief. 

All it takes is five short minutes each day. Anyone can benefit from this whether you’re a parent with a 7 year old… or a 70 year old looking to improve.

Before I share the tip with you, I want you to know that this tip isn’t anything fancy. I know I say that a lot when I give these tips...

That’s because I’m not about making practising complicated. I’m not about making you (or my students) learn lots of intricate practise routines...

I want to know what are the little action steps I can take each day that will give me a result. This is one of those tips.

Next time you go into battle with a tricky chord that seems impossible to wrap your fingers around…

Follow this two step process:

1. Face The Chord Change Head On

Rather than practising all the chords in the song. Spend a short amount of time each day working on the one chord change that’s messing you up. Then repeat it as many times as you can. 

Don’t worry about strumming the chord. Your job isn’t to make it sound good yet.

You need to build the muscle memory in your fingers faster. Your brain needs to learn instinctively how to make your hands work.

A Quick Way to Speed Up Your Chord Changes

2. Slow. Down.

I see students practising too fast on a daily basis in lessons. People want to run before they can walk.

Having the patience to go slow is where most of your progress will come from in the beginning. 

Your need to let your brain and fingers get to grips with what you want them to do. The only way that works is by going slow.

A Quick Way to Speed Up Your Chord Changes

Can you go at it like a bull in a china shop by going fast? Sure.

Will you make as much progress? Probably not.

This is one of those tips I use on a daily basis for myself and my students. Like I said, it’s nothing fancy… but it does work.

So if you’re looking to speed up some tricky chord changes…

Consider giving this a go. 

You won’t regret it.

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