I know…

“How can hitting the WRONG notes be a good thing Darryl?”… is what you might be thinking.

Here’s why hitting the wrong notes can help you to play and create better solos.

(And how you can quickly dig yourself out of a fretboard hole when you inevitably hit a wrong note.)

How to spice up your playing as a lead guitarist

You see, everyone hits wrong notes. Everyone has moments where your brain stops working for whatever reason… and you play a note bad enough to make your ears curl up in horror.

But it’s what you do with those wrong notes that can make all the difference.

See when you hit those wrong notes… I bet I know what you do (probably.)

You’re happily soloing to your favourite backing track. You hit that horrific sounding note. You stop playing and try to scramble your way back to your scale. Leaving that horrible note lingering in your musical ear.

It never feels good.

Here’s the alternative solution...

The answer is NOT on your fretboard. The answer lies with your EAR.

When you’re able to “hear” how to fix those bad notes. You can make anything sound good. But you’ve got to be able to “hear” the solution. And it’s dead easy to practice too!

Here’s all you have to do…

- Put on a backing track.

- Try to forget about scales.

- Pick any note on the guitar.

- Play it.

- If it sounds good. Hurray! You got lucky…

- If it sounds bad… try to use your ear to see if the note needs to move UP or DOWN. 9/10 if you move one fret up or down… you’ll land on the right note.

Guaranteed plan for failure and frustration

And you want to know the best part?

When you do this… that horrific note you played now sounds GOOD. Because you’ve given it a home in music. You’ve resolved the drama of that tense sounding note. (In a nutshell, this is what great Jazz players do.)

It really is that simple.

But your ear might need some work.

Give it a try!

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