Let’s face it…

Everyone has a hard time with barre chords. (If you don’t, you’re either lying or you’ve forgotten what it was like to first play barre chords.)

Whether it’s…

- Getting your fingers in the right shape.

- Fighting those hand pains and aches.

- Or struggling to get the strings to ring out…

I’m going to show you the “moveable F chord.” And how it can help make some of those barre chords easier to play in the short term.

What’s the hardest part about barre chords?

It’s usually getting string two and string one to ring out…

You know… these ones:

Alternative (easier) way to play this barre chord

 But here’s where the “moveable F chord” comes into play.

There are two popular ways to play the F chord…

Alternative (easier) way to play this barre chord

You might be thinking “how can you move this around?”

Well it’s quite simple actually… providing you know where your notes are on the fretboard. (And where your “root note” is.)

This F chord can be moved up and down the fretboard like a slider. So if I want to move this chord to become an “A Major” chord instead… I need to move it up to where the A note is like so:

Alternative (easier) way to play this barre chord

 And I can do this ANYWHERE.

Need a Bb Major? Move it to fret eight.

Want to play an F# Major chord? Move it to fret four.

… and so on.

This chord is great.

But it’s not the be-all-end-all solution. Of course there are FOUR barre chord shapes in total…

And each one of them has a little secret to playing them easier while you’re still working on your barre chords.

It should go without saying that this chord is NOT a replacement for your barre chord.

You’ve still got to practice your barre chords.

And so if you’re interested in how I (and my small team of trained teachers) can help you overcome challenges you’re facing…

Get in touch by filling out the form below (it takes two minutes…)

Carys will speak to you over the phone… and you can get a feel for if we’re a right fit.

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