This article is going to be a little different than normal…

I love playing chords as much as the next person. But the reality is that so many people get stuck on open chords or barre chords.

Today I want to share three of my favourite chords. 

Specifically the A Minor chord.

This is one of those chords every learns in the beginning… but there are some little-known “prettier” alternatives.

You can steal these and use them for yourself.

(I’ll be including pictures of each chord too…)

Before we get into it a word of caution... some of these chords might be a little challenging.

Give them all a try and if some are too hard… come back to them in the future.

Let’s dive in.

Chord #1 - A7sus4

Here’s the first chord you can use in replacement of A Minor. (This one sounds awesome in my humble opinion.)

The best part is that it only uses two fingers.

Try and play it from the diagram here:

Try it in this chord progression:

C A7sus4 Em G

Chord #2 - Am9

Let’s move onto chord number two...

Minor chords on the guitar typically sound “sad” in nature. But sometimes you just want something that sounds “darker.”

This chord will do the trick!

Try and play it from the diagram here:

Try it in this chord progression:

Amadd9 Em C G

Chord #3 - Am7add11

Here’s our last chord...

These names are getting a bit ridiculous am I right? (I promise that this is a real chord name.)

This one is the toughest of all. It’s not for the faint of heart… so if you want to try this just beware.

What makes this chord tricky is that it’s stretchy on the fretting hand.

Then try it in this chord progression:

Amadd9 G Dm E

… and there you have it. Three of my favourite Am chords to spice up your playing.

What do you think about these chords? Which one was your favourite?

Personally I love all of them. Leave a comment and let me know 🙂

Have a great day,

Darryl “creating chords is fun” Powis

Want to know how I created these three chords? The answer is in learning some music theory…

Not in a textbook, don’t worry. I mean learning theory as it applies directly to the guitar.

I’ve taught this stuff to hundreds of students and with some simple exercises you can start to create chords all over the guitar.

I have a little music school in Stratford, London. To find out if we’re the right school for you, and to claim your FREE lesson, click the link below.

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