Brian May and his red guitar

Brian May red guitar

For most guitar players, there's just that one guitar that they can't live without. 

Some of the famous musicians of all time have amazing stories to tell about the journey they had with their musical instruments.

Brian May's had a symbiotic relationship with his red special guitar.

The creation of his "Red Special" guitar

He made his red guitar together with his father, Harold when he was just 16.

And he named it the "Red Special". 

The guitar was built was very unique. One thing - most guitar players do not build their own guitar.

Construction of his one off original

The other is the construction of the guitar. 

Brian May red guitar

The neck was built from an old fireplace mantle and the body was built from a table. And the tremolo system rigged out of motorcycle parts. 

This true labor of love that shows the great length a musician will go to for their musical instrument.

Brian May still plays this guitar to this day even though sometimes he does play a replicate as well. 

Thinking of designing your own guitar?

If you got to design your own guitar, what would you have it look like? What interesting materials can you use to make your guitar? 

If you aren't a carpenter, there are plenty of custom shops that will build your dream guitar for you. Though they might not use as innovative materials as a mantlepiece. 

Learning to play a unique guitar

Besides building your own guitar, if you want to get better at playing the guitar or just to hear our guitar teachers tell fun stories at our London guitar school, then get in touch with us to find out how we can entertain you with inspirational stories.