I had a thought the other day…

Do great guitar players still take lessons?”

“Surely they’re done with learning?”

“What else can there be to learn?”

While speaking to a friend of mine… he shared an interesting story.

Something that shocked him.

Not long ago… he met the guitar player Mike Stern.

If you haven’t heard Mike play… he’s a great player.

Some would consider him to be a master.

It’s easy to watch him play and wonder…

“What else is there for him to learn?”

Well… what shocked my friend is that he found out this interesting fact…

Mike STILL takes lessons to this day.

How old is he? 67.

That’s right… at 67 years old… this “master guitar player” still takes lessons.

Why is that? What could he possibly get out of lessons?

Well there’s a little-known fact about great players…

They’re often very humble about what they need to learn.

They know what they’re good at…

But they also recognise that they have more to learn.

They know they can take the skills they have and refine them to a higher level.

Do pro guitarists still have lessons?

I guarantee Mike still shares the same feeling as us…

He probably feels stuck with some part of his playing.

Sure he’s at a higher level… but the emotional feeling is the same.

This got me thinking about my playing.

It may come as no surprise to you (or maybe it does)...

That I’m still taking lessons too.

I always want to be learning and improving… I love it.

There’s always more I can do with what I know already…

Ways to simplify concepts I know…

Different ways I can mix things together…

Use them in ways I wouldn’t think about.

Just like a good chess player who can usually see many moves ahead of where they’re at…

A guitar teacher does the same for me.

They can see where I’m at… and what’s coming up because they’ve done it.

Even if I don’t know what that “thing” is… they can guide me.

They can show me where my blindspots are

There’s always more for me to learn…

And I think that’s exciting.

Do pro guitarists still have lessons?

I know many people can get overwhelmed by the thought…

But it’s important to know that we don’t have to do everything all at once.

Sure… it’s nice to know what all the steps are…

What’s most important is to focus on what you can do today to become better.

Whether that’s to work on a skill you know already…

To learn something new…

Or to even seek out a teacher to help

*cough cough* me *cough cough*.

Joking aside (kinda)… if having a teacher is good enough for someone like Mike…

Then it’s good enough for me.

Before I go… talking of great guitar players…

I’d love to find out who you like to listen to.

It’ll help me get to know you all better… and the kind of people you like.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Darryl “still got learnin’ to do” Powis

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