Recently I’ve been on a personal mission to lose some weight.

I’ve been eating healthier rather than binging on junk food. (I’m a sucker for Cadbury’s chocolate...)

And I’ve been exercising more instead of sitting in my chair all day.

Do You Believe This Lie About Progress?

Why am I telling you this?

Because each morning I step on those scales... I find myself sometimes falling victim to the biggest misconception about guitar progress. (I’ll talk about how this ties into guitar in a moment.)

Like anyone… I want to see progress day by day.

To know that what I’m doing is having some kind of an impact...

And to see RESULTS.

Here’s what I want progress to look like vs what progress really looks like.

Do You Believe This Lie About Progress?

… big difference.

Can you see why focusing on the day-to-day progress is TERRIBLE?

You’re going to have “off days” where things aren’t going your way...

And you’re going to have times when things don’t come easy to you...

This is how achieving anything goes.

By choosing to focus on your progress each day you’re not always going to see positive results.

But if you can let go of the “day-to-day” need to see changes then you can start enjoying things more.

Learning guitar (just like losing weight) is a journey…

It’s a process...

It takes time.

If you want to use measurements to track progress… do it every one or two weeks. (Providing you did actually do some consistent work in that time.)

Do You Believe This Lie About Progress?

Don’t fall victim to the lie that you’re supposed to see progress each day.

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