If you don’t hate how your guitar playing sounds to you then you can potentially skip this article…

… but you might still find this an interesting read.


Because what you’re about to read ties in with what I believe is the path to greatness.

But let’s first talk about being unhappy with your guitar playing…

You see, being unhappy with your guitar playing can be a MASSIVE gift.

How? You might ask yourself…

Because the enemy of greatness is feeling comfortable.

Do you Hate How Your Guitar Playing Sounds?

When you become comfortable with where you’re at… there’s no reason to grow beyond where you’re at.

It can be a dangerous place to be. 

Feeling comfortable means you’re pretty happy with what you can play. That nothing feels bad enough to want to make it better. And that you have nothing to complain about.

Feeling comfortable is where greatness dies.

But when you’re unhappy with something (or you hate something…) now that’s a GREAT place to be.

It can give you the fuel you need to want to make a change...

To become better and to move beyond what you can play right now and improve year in year out.

Every minute you spend feeling unhappy becomes your motivation for change.

When you’re comfortable with your level… you won’t want to put in the extra five minutes before you go to work. Or the extra five minutes after you come back in the evening. Even if you feel tired… you’ll want to do it.

Pain is a gift.

Pain is the greatest motivator of change.

Do you Hate How Your Guitar Playing Sounds?

Think about it in the context of physical health. People avoid exercise… eat bad food… and a bunch of other silly stuff. Until one day it causes them pain.

They start gaining a bunch of weight. Then the doctor tells them they’re going to have serious heart problems if they don’t change. That’s when they begin exercising and eating well. Stuff we all know is important to do.

Humans are bad at preventing problems generally speaking. But amazing at doing something about it when there’s enough pain to make a difference.

That’s why being unhappy about your playing is such a wonderful gift.

If you lean into how much you dislike your playing… you can find the motivation and “fuel” you need to make a change. To get onto the path of greatness. (Whatever that means to you.)

Do you Hate How Your Guitar Playing Sounds?

If that’s you, here’s what I recommend…

Check out how our lessons can help you get onto the right track.

And how you can get your first lesson for free.

Where you can sit down with one of our team. Get a feel for if we’re the right place for YOU. And to discover the first steps you should be taking to begin improving your playing. (Whether you consider yourself a beginner… intermediate… or advanced player.)

Either way… understand that BAD situations can be the exact thing you need to create a BETTER life.

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