For you if you are feeling awkward or struggling with playing barre chords

beginners learning to play barre chords

Feeling awkward or ending up in pain
when playing barre chords?

Are barre chords holding you back from playing your favourite songs and playing the guitar the way you want to?

A lot of people struggle to play barre chords the way they want.

This can be very frustrating.

For some guitar players, it stops them from progressing further on the guitar. For others, they give up guitar altogether.

It can seem really embarrassing when you have been playing the guitar for a while and still can't comfortably play barre chords, changing between chords, or going from open chord to a barre chord.

It feels awkward, your wrist is hurting and you wonder if you are ever going to get it.

Feeling this way is completely normal, and lots of people who try to teach themselves struggle with barre chords as well.

Having had experience helping hundreds of beginners get over this challenge of learning barre chords so that they can start feeling confident about their guitar playing. Be able to jam with other people.

Being able to play barre chords separates between mediocre guitarists and an actual guitar player.

Being able to play barre chords allows you to be able to jam with other people, get excited about approaching new songs.

You will be able to play 90% of the popular songs out there with ease.

I get that not all of you can come to our guitar lessons in London 

"The Complete Guide to Improving Your Barre Chords" is here to help you so that you can:

-Overcome your current challenges with barre chords
-Learn how to play barre chords and understand the theory behind them so you can feel confident approaching any song
-Understand the right technique and the biomechanics of playing barre chords
-Learn how to prevent injury so that you can play barre chords for hours and still feel great