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"This is hopeless. Maybe I’ll never be a good guitar player. I suck…

I suck now and I sucked last year.

And there’s a good chance if I don’t do something I am going to suck in 5 years too."

That's how I felt about the guitar... I was so frustrated. 

Something had to change... 

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Guitar Lessons London Registry Member
Our guitar lessons featured in get living london
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Guitar Lessons London Registry Member
Our guitar lessons featured in get living london
Guitar lessons featured in london newham recorder
London Guitar Teacher Darryl

Hi, I'm Darryl Powis...

I am the owner and a teacher at Guitar Tuition East London.

It's a guitar school I founded to help people really learn guitar. 

I struggled to learn to play how I wanted for a LONG time...

And through my quest to improve my own guitar playing I've developed a system to help others.

I've tested it with hundreds of my clients, and it really works for them. 

I've a had a long road to being able to play how I want on guitar..  

Keep reading for the 'BIG 3' mistakes I made... and how to not make the same mistakes as me! 

Guitar Students at our school in East London

Me hanging and my guitar students hanging out in London at one of our events

Mistake #1

Thinking "Guitar Lessons Are All The Same"

I had a teacher who struggled to help me with my guitar playing - and I made the mistake of thinking all teachers would struggle.

He was a nice guy... we had a lot of fun... and I did learn things... 

But.. I felt like I had unanswered questions. There were things other people could do that I couldn't, and I didn't know why. 

Eventually I stopped those lessons. I assumed that if he couldn't help me, no one could. 

That stopped me from trying out other guitar teachers for several years. 

Different guitar teachers have different strengths. 

Finding a guitar teacher is not like buying a can of Coco cola... 

With coke all you need to care about us "where an how much". 

Mistake #2

Thinking "I'm not talented enough to play how I want."

I didn't want to admit it to myself.. and I wouldn't say it out loud. But I wondered if there was actually something wrong with me. 

If I was really the problem. 

Then someone showed me a strange video... 

A man playing guitar with his feet...

He could play and sing... and do it with his feet. 

I thought it was pretty cool.. It must have taken a lot of work! 

This one left me gobsmacked...

He can play fast. His phrasing sounds beautiful. And he performs it with total comfort.

All with only his feet! 


Any time I think I can't do something on guitar now - i go and watch those videos again.

I realised how it really is possible for anyone to learn the guitar. How it was possible for me to improve a LOT

And how it is possible for you too....

Mistake #3

"I Can Teach Myself"

Have you ever been down the rabbit hole? 

I have... 

It starts with one youtube video... which turns into another... 

And before I know it, it's 4am and I'm watching a Korean 8 year old shredding metal songs with his eyes shut... 

There's a lot of videos out there... But it's easy to get distracted... 

And even easier to follow this "one simple trick" that someone said, and actually not solve the real issues in your guitar playing. 

And wind up years later still no better than you were before. 

How do you fix it? 

I suggest adopt the attitude of "I don't know what I don't know", and finding experts to give you feedback and direction.

I'll help you to: 

Know exactly what to work on in your guitar playing, so you can just sit down and play. 

Monitor your progress so you know you're getting better.

Enjoy the process of learning so that making progress is an inevitable side effect. 

Understand why you got stuck and how to make sure it never happens again. 

"Lessons have unlocked the fretboard and now I can put on a record, recognise what key it is in and just solo over it. 

Rob A. - London Guitar Lessons Review

How will we help you?

Feeling stuck in a cage? 

Stop feeling stuck in a box on the guitar. 

You'll understand and be able to move around the fretboard with freedom...

Relax, and enjoy the process of playing and improving your guitar playing.

London Guitar Lessons are fun!
Guitar student at guitar tuition East London

Play Guitar Faster

Not everyone wants to "shred"...that's ok... 

But it always help to move a little faster and easier... 

Don't let 'speed' be an issue for you in your playing. 

Know that you can play fast when you need to. 

Know exactly what to practice

No more wondering what to work on...

No more getting in your own way... 

Relax, and enjoy the process of playing and improving your guitar playing. 

All you have to do is sit down and pick up the guitar. 

Guitar Student at lessons
Live London Guitar Lesson

Improvise Guitar Solos

Easy to follow steps to improve your improvising on the guitar. 

Learn to solo over any chord progression. Enjoy the sound of your own playing. 

Perform Live! ....If you want to...

You might not think this is something you want to do...  Or if you could do it.

There is zero pressure (it's not a requirement)

Once you start feeling better about your playing this is an option we offer.

Lot of our students start guitar lessons thinking they would 'never' perform live for an audience. 

Now they can't get enough and keep asking to do more and more performances.

London Metal Guitar Lesson
Guitar Students Making Friends

Make new 'music' friends...  

I'm not suggesting you need new friends... 🙂

I'm just saying that our students often become very good friends... 

Music bonds people. Our guitar students often make very good friends with each other. 

When you're surrounded by people who are going through the same challenges... You'll make a lot more progress and have fun in the process.

Learn to Play Your Favourite Songs

You could learn to just 'play songs' anywhere... but we do it differently..

We analyse you favourite songs for you. We work out what skills you need to learn most. 

Then we train you on those skills...

When you work on the right things you'll find it easy to play your favourite songs.

Guitar student with teacher
Guitar Teachers of our lessons in london

Coaching From Professionals

All our teachers are full time professional guitar teachers. 

We don't do this part time... or teach other instruments.

This means we have the time to be the best guitar teachers we can be. 

Here's what our students say:

"It’s a fun atmosphere to be in, whatever level you are at, you will still be surprised how much you can learn.”

Laura R. Acoustic Guitar Lessons

"I would highly recommend Guitar Tuition East London for any level of abilities. Even if you are a totally beginner or a seasoned professional"

Matthew B. London Acoustic Guitar Lessons

"Family and friends have told me how much I have improved"

Glenn Slack, London Guitar Lessons

"Now I know what to do. There is a really calm and fun atmosphere.

Most of all, the guitar lessons are really relaxed and you learn a lot!"

Catherine, London guitar student aged 12

You get a FREE bonus...JUST for getting in contact! 

Choosing your guitar teacher

"How To Choose Your Guitar Teacher Guide"

Whether you learn from me... 

Or someone else... 

I want you to be able to make the right decision on who you learn guitar from... 

Your ability to make the right decision is very important to me. 

If you do decide to work with me and my team... 

I want you to be really happy with your choice.

The more confident you have in us as guitar teachers... the more likely you are to practise guitar at home. 

The more likely you are to get big results on the learning to play the guitar.

Our Lessons Are NOT RIGHT For You If: 

  • If you're already playing guitar like a professional session musician, this isn't for you. 
  • If you just want me to teach you (only) songs... you can get songs on youtube for free :-)...
  • If you're happy with your current method of learning... stick with it, this isn't for you.
  • If you can't travel to our teaching studio in East London. Some students who travel for hours to come to our lessons. You need to know you can travel to Stratford in East London for your guitar lessons.
  • If you can't make time to practise guitar... it's not for you (this isn't a magic pill, it requires work. 

Our Lessons Are RIGHT For You If

  • You are stuck and don't know what to do next
  • You are eager to learn and practise
  • You're patient and willing to do the work
  • You're willing to do a minimum of 20 minutes per day of guitar practise
  • You want to actually play guitar (and not just talk about it)
  • You're able to travel to attend lessons at our studio in east London, near Stratford Station. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's price of your guitar lessons?

Our lessons are not the cheapest around... Our students say they choose us because of the result they get.  

The best way to get a quote is to call us. Once we know more about your guitar playing, it's easy to suggest a realistic quote over the phone. 

Alternatively click the orange button below and we can call you back at a time which suits you.

Are you guys open during Coronavirus? 

Yes, we are moving our school online while in lockdown for all our students. The great news is that we are still able to continually help our students and apply the same philosophy online. 

We can take this time to our advantage by helping all our student's guitar playing. 

Can you teach me if I've tried and failed before?

We've had a lot of success helping people who've tried learning with other teachers or other methods and failed.

We only take on students we are sure we can help.

Contact us for a free session where we can work out if we can help you.  

Can you help me if I'm a total beginner?

We have a training plan for beginners to get you playing your first song as soon as possible. 

Contact us to find out more about our guitar lessons for beginners.

Do you have acoustic guitar lessons?

Yes. We teach acoustic guitar. We have a lot of students who are learning acoustic guitar with us alongside students taking electric guitar lessons. 

Can you teach me to learn to read music?

Yes. We have a special 3 part method you will learn to read music and be able to play it on the guitar. 

Do I have to learn to read music?

No. Most students don't need to learn to read music. 

We look at what you actually want to be able to do first. Then we make a plan for what you need to learn and practice in order to get there. It's pretty simple once we get to know you, and your goals to make the right plan.

Contact us to find out if you need to learn to read music. 

What times do you have available for your guitar lessons? 

You can take lessons in the weekday evenings and all weekend.

There's always time for guitar lessons!

Do you also have weekday daytime guitar lessons?

Yes. We also do daytime guitar lessons on weekdays. 

Contact us to find out what times we have that can fit with your schedule.

Will you teach my child to play guitar?

Yes we teach guitar to children from the age of 7 to play guitar. Contact us to find out more about our children's guitar lessons. We are also taking requests for guitar lessons for toddlers too. 

Can you teach my teenager to play guitar?

Yes we also teach teenagers to play the guitar. 

Can you teach me bass guitar?

We can. Our bass students love learning bass here because we also teach them how to jam with our guitar players. 

Plus... every guitar player needs a bassist to jam with.. you'll be very popular. 

Can you teach me if I'm "old"?

The best time to learn anything was 10 years ago... the second best time is now.

If you would like to learn to play the guitar, I say go for it! Age isn't really a factor we consider, just a number. 

if you have physical challenges such as arthritis, just let us know and we consider it in our approach to teaching you guitar. 

The answer is always - if you have the desire, you can learn. If people can play amazingly well with their feet... you can definitely learn to play the guitar.

P.S. Don't hold yourself back any longer from improving your guitar playing. 

Click here to tell me about your guitar playing

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