Jimi Hendrix said something profound about playing the blues

And when I heard it I immediately resonated with what he said...

Wanna know what it was?

Here you go...

“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.”

Hendrix Says THIS About Playing The Blues

But what does that mean exactly?

Here’s what I think... and how it relates back to learning ANY style. (I can only guess what he meant. Unfortunately we can’t ask him anymore.)

You see, it’s easy to study courses… look online… or to find a teacher to help show you what to play. It’s not hard to seek someone out… and for them to give you all the answers. To help you play beyond your wildest dreams. Believe it or not, that's the easy part.

But have you ever noticed something “special” about those guitar idols?

Everything they play seems to sound... well, somehow "better."

Why is it?

It’s because they’re playing the blues with feel.

They’ve gone beyond “playing the notes.” Every note they play is NOT coming from their hands… or really their brain. It’s coming from their heart.

Hendrix Says THIS About Playing The Blues

They’re “feeling” the music they're playing. They’re putting real emotion behind what they’re doing. Whether that’s a happy time in their life… or a moment filled with deep sadness.

Every note means something to them.

And THIS is why when you see them play… everything they do sounds incredible.


I’m not saying that you’ll never be able to reach that level. You can. Just realise that if you want to sound “exactly” like people you idolise…

Know that they’re doing more than just playing notes. They’re putting their whole being inside of every note they play because they’re feeling it.

If you want to practice doing this… next time you have strong emotions (positive or negative…) grab the guitar and let whatever comes out come out.

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