As a beginner, you’ll need to put in a lot of practicing to get better on the guitar. You may not know how to go about it, so this guide will help you get started, so you make real progress on your guitar in less time.


Have a Dedicated Music Room

A lot of new players sit in their bedroom to practice guitar. This isn’t the best option as there are too many distractions. You probably have a phone, television, and a computer in your room. It’s best if you have a dedicated room to devote to your practice sessions.


Your practice room should be comfortable and make sure you have a guitar stool, and a music stand. The area should be clean and clutter-free. Let others know that you’ll be practicing so you can concentrate on your music without being disturbed. Make sure any other devices like a gaming system are off as you don’t get distracted by them.


Boost your confidence by having the room filled with inspirational quotes or posters of your favorite artists. Your music room should be your sanctuary where you practice alone. In some cases, you may not have a room dedicated to practice. If this isn’t possible, make sure the room is as comfortable as you can. Make the best use of whatever space you have for practice.

How to Practice Guitar as a Complete Beginner


Follow Your Lesson Materials

Follow the lesson plan that your teacher gives to you. It’s important to do this as your teacher will give you work in phases. Once you complete something such as basic chords, you’ll learn new techniques. You have to build up that basic foundation before you can learn advanced concepts.


You can learn things on your own, but you may not have the skills necessary to master the materials, and you could pick up bad habits. Follow your lesson plans to the best of your ability. Make note of what you struggle with and convey this information to your teacher. Ask questions if you don’t understand something as your teacher has no way of knowing what concepts may be giving you the most trouble. 

How to Practice Guitar as a Complete Beginner


It Takes Time

A lot of beginners quit after a short time as they don’t see results. Playing guitar is a repetitive task. You need to repeat things before they start to sound good. For example, you need to play scales over and over again before you develop speed or even know the name of the notes or the fingering positions.


You have to be willing to put in the time to see real progress on the guitar. If you quit right away, you haven’t given yourself time to learn. It requires that you put in a lot of effort. It can be slow going at first as you need to master basic concepts first before you move on. It’s that basic foundation that is important for you as a player. If you gove yourself time to learn, you’ll make excellent progress.



You may find yourself with a lack of motivation when you practice. Ask yourself why you want to play guitar during these times. This will help inspire you to practice. Remember that you have to practice to get better. Try listening to your favorite artist or perhaps seeing a live show. This will help motivate you to play. This is why you need a dedicated space to practice. Your room will help inspire and motivate you.


Take Breaks

Practice can get boring at times. You need to play things that you may not like to practice. This is why you need to take breaks away from your guitar. You should aim for at least one full day each week where you don’t play guitar. Go out for a meal, spend time with friends, or just take it easy. Your body and mind need to recharge and refresh. You will burn out of you play all of the time. We all need breaks, so take one a week, and you’ll be all set for your next practice session.


Use Decent Gear

When I was teaching guitar, many of my students came in with guitars that were barely functional. I spent a great deal of the lesson trying to tune them to pitch. Poor quality guitars are not only hard to play. They will drain your motivation if you can’t ply them. Try to spend a decent amount of money on a guitar or ask the music school for some recommendations. A  good guitar is fun to play, and it’s easier to learn on.

How to Practice Guitar as a Complete Beginner



This guide should help you as you practice your guitar. Follow your teacher’s advice and make sure you have a room dedicated to your practice sessions. The more work you put into practice, the better you’ll sound. If you make an effort, you’ll sound great in no time at all.

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