How to Start Your First Band

How to Start Your First Band

If you have been playing the guitar for a little while, you might want to start a band. It's to your benefit to play in a band because there are many benefits to playing with other people. Here is how you can start your first band.

How to Start Your First Band

You Don’t Need Talent

You don't need to be a talented guitar player to start a band. If you only know a few chords, you can still start a band with other people. You can play simple songs and learn together. This is one of the best things you can do for your guitar playing. You learn about timing, rhythm, and how to sound great with other musicians. Some of the most famous songs in existence are only three or four chords. There are many songs you can play with other musicians that don't require a lot of talent.


You can't get this sort of training if you play in your bedroom only. Try to get together with other musicians as soon as possible. You don't necessarily have to start a band, but you can try jamming together. You never know where this may lead, and you may find people you like to play with and want to start a band with them.


Play with Friends

If you have friends that play musical instruments, try getting together with them and ask if they would like to start a band. The more you know someone, the easier it is to get along with them and to have a successful band. Many of the most successful bands were friends in high school, and they got together with them to form a band.


If you do audition someone for your band, make sure they are a good fit if you don't want someone in your band that's going to be a negative influence. It can be worth it for you to take your time to find members for your band.


Check the Egos

One of the common problems with bands is that someone has can have an inflated ego. This is often a cause of bands breaking up. If you're going to be a musician in a band, you should check your ego at the door. You are not there to impress anyone. You are there to create great music together and to put the audience first.

How to Start Your First Band

 If you have someone like this in your band, it can be a good idea to find someone else if they start to be a problem. You want musicians that are going to get along with each other and ones that will support the band. You don't want to have to deal with problem members because that's not the way to make good music together.


It Won’t Sound Good at First

When you start your first band, you should expect that the music is not going to sound that great at first. It takes time to develop timing with other musicians. Allow yourself enough time to get proficient together.


Start off playing songs that everyone knows. These songs should be simple and not complicated. It will be easier if you can work on the basics together and get that sounding good, before you try more complex arrangements.

First Gigs

It can be difficult to get into a bar or a nightclub if you're not already an established band. You can gain experience by playing shows around your town. Perhaps someone has a birthday party that you can play at. You might be able to play at a graduation party, wedding, or other events. These are places where you can gain experience.


You could also just get together with a few of your friends and play some music for them. This will get you established and get people talking about your band.  Most bands start out of their garage and build from there. 


Jam Nights

One way to get into bars and clubs is to see if they have a jam night. You may be able to go on stage and play a couple of songs. Not all members of your band can probably do this. You could have the guitar player or singer get together with the house band and play a couple of songs. This can help you gain more experience and develop your confidence. 

If you can establish yourself as being professional, you might get to play a set with your own band. You will probably need to work out an arrangement with the bar or club owner.

How to Start Your First Band


You can start a band as a beginner guitar player, and this is a great way to gain experience. You will learn more about playing with other musicians than on your own. It can be worth it even if you only know a few chords to start your own band.