If you don’t know what “improvising” means… this may not be the article for you...

But if you like improvising…

Here’s exactly how I practice improvising solos to make them sound composed. (Hint: it’s much simpler than people think. Just because it’s simple though, doesn’t mean it’s “easy.”)

Here’s how to do it…

This is something that one of my teachers, Dan, is VERY good at. (If you want to check out an on-the-spot improvised solo he did, I’ll share a video at the end.)

I call it “slow motion improvising.”

You see, to improvise well… your brain has to be able to think, recall, and edit ideas. And to do it fast. So fast that it’s happening in the moment.

Where most people fall apart is that they think they just need to practice their scales more. Or practice learning more licks. Or something else…

… but that’s not quite true.

You don’t need to practice scales or licks more. You need to practice “slow motion improvising.”

Improvising - How I Learned To Improvise Solos That Sound Composed

At this point you’re probably thinking - “Darryl! What the heck is slow motion improvising?”

Let me explain…

It’s where you slow down your brain and give yourself time to think. Time to create, edit, adjust ideas until you’re happy with them. To rearrange ideas until you’re happy with them.

If you can’t “compose” a good solo… it’s VERY hard to improvise one.

I know at this point this all sounds very backwards. But yes, to improvise better solos… you have to learn to write better solos.

When you write better solos… your brain starts learning about how to form ideas. What works and what doesn’t. What you like and what you don’t. And your brain gets to learn that in slow motion. Your brain learns to get better at thinking.

Improvising - How I Learned To Improvise Solos That Sound Composed

And that’s what it’s all about…

Being able to make the kind of choices you want to make when you improvise…

… and to know that it will sound good.

This is one way to achieve that.

I hope this helped someone today. Let me know how you found the exercise if you choose to try it!

P.S. Here’s the video my teacher doing an insane improvised solo! You won’t believe that this was improvised on the spot...

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