Are You Looking for Guitar Lessons in London
for Your Child?

Do you want your child to have fun learning a productive skill,
rather than just playing video games?


Do you want your child to take guitar lessons in a safe, fun environment?

Are you looking for a guitar teacher for your child, who has a tried and tested method for teaching kids?

Do you want your child to become more self-confident and have fun, while learning to play a fun, exciting and cool instrument?

Your Child’s Learning and Development

So, you are considering guitar lessons for your child.

Kids these days get so excited about playing video games at home, and they spend so much time in front of a screen (TV, computer, iPad, Phone etc.), that often, they struggle to develop good social skills.

Your child learns about maths, English, science and all the other subjects by going to school. What they dearly need, though, is to improve their social skills, public speaking, self-confidence, drive, effort and determination. On top of that, many people don’t realise that the most important things they will ever have to do in their lives are:

    1. Learn to think
    2. Have a great attitude towards work and learning

Sometimes, yes, children do learn these things. But in my experience, many children leave school not really being able to do either as well as they potentially could.

Learning Guitar For A Child

Now it’s worth mentioning that the guitar is not easy for a child to learn. It requires learning how to control your fingers with a lot of focus, grit and determination. As a result, many of the children (and teenagers) who learn in the free lessons in school struggle to learn guitar. And often give up their ambitions altogether.

Lessons at your child’s school often don’t consider all the important things that I have mentioned above. Some children manage to learn from their school lessons, but most children — even the ones who are very capable — don’t play well, simply because of either the lessons or the teacher they were given at school.

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London Open Mic Nina, 8 at Guitar Tuition East London

For your child to love the guitar, and want to continue to play for years, they have to find learning guitar fun. They have to like their teacher, and they have to want to exceed their teacher’s expectations. If the teacher cannot create a desire within your child to do this, then your child will struggle to learn guitar.

We understand this because we have worked with many parents, with children just like yours, and have had success in helping them to enjoy learning the guitar, and as a result, wanting to play for many years.


Things You Might Have Tried to Help Your Child to Learn Guitar

We have met many parents who have tried:

1. Guitar Lessons at the child’s school

Lessons at school seem like a good idea at the start. The challenges that most parents face are that the lessons are simply too short—most are only 15 or 30 minutes, which is not very much time at all. On top of that, the lessons often take place during normal lesson times. Often, your child will forget that they even had a lesson, and they also have to sacrifice another subject (like maths or English) to take the guitar lesson.

Some children go for guitar lessons at school for years and don’t make any progress. In fact, we have multiple cases of young students like this at our school. They took guitar lessons at school for two years, and after four months with us, they have made more progress in that short time than in their whole time at school.

2. Encouraging your child to learn with a family friend or relative who plays the guitar

Learning with a friend or relative is an easy option for getting your child into playing the guitar. The challenges are that while the teacher might be a good player, they aren’t necessarily a good teacher, which means that they aren’t able to inspire your child, or deliver the appropriate content for your child’s ability and learning needs.

On top of that, because your child and the teacher know each other well, it can often become ‘too relaxed’. They may be more likely to cancel lessons, or your child may not feel the need to practice for this teacher because they know that the teacher won’t say anything about it.

3. Encouraging your child to learn guitar on YouTube, or via books

Learning on YouTube and books is worth mentioning, since so many people try learning this way nowadays. I see many adults struggling to learn this was, so it’s no wonder that a lot of children find it impossible. Your child won’t be receiving any real-life feedback, so they don’t know why they don’t sound good. This makes them think that they are not talented, and consequently, they want to give up. Often the solution is a really simple fix for us to show them in person.


Why Take Guitar Lessons With Us?

1. See your child perform so that they can grow their confidence when playing in front of others
2. Playing the guitar is made fun so that your child will look forward to their class as the highlight of their week.
3. Invest in your child’s guitar playing so that they can play when they are an adult too and thank you for it.
4. Your child will learn the value of persistence and effort so that they can feel confident that when they practice and work hard they will improve.
5. Your child will learn how to perform at school.
6. Your child will have fun learning to play the guitar with us, so you won’t find it a chore to bring them to classes.
7. Unlike other guitar teachers, our guitar lessons are FUN.

8. Your child learns with CRB-checked teachers, so you can be confident of your child’s safety and security.
9. We communicate with you, the parent so that you know how your child is progressing in lessons.

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London Leo, 8 at Guitar Tuition East London

10. We specialise in motivating children; your child will want to play for many years to come and will find practising fun.
11. We teach that hard work and effort get results, so your child learns life skills from a young age, simply through having fun with a guitar.
12. Your child will see you being proud of what they are achieving, and that will bring you closer together.
13. You can take lessons too, and you can set an example for your child in learning a new skill.
14. Your child will learn that they are capable of overcoming complex challenges, thus building their confidence.


FAQ about our London Guitar Lessons for Kids

What Is the Cost of Guitar Lessons for Kids in Your London School?

We have multiple programmes and formats for children. And we don’t believe a ‘one-size-fits-all’ learning method is the best way to get results. We do offer you a free lesson. If we are the right fit for each other, we can recommend you and your child a programme (and price) that is best for you.

Why shouldn’t my child take the ‘free’ guitar lessons at school?

They might be free, but often children don’t make much progress in them. While the lessons themselves are “free”, if your child spends all that time, effort and practice to get nowhere, it can have a negative psychological impact, telling them that they ‘can’t do this’. As a result, many children lose confidence in their musical ability long term. A proven method, and teachers who work hard to make lessons fun for your child, make all the difference—that’s what we do.

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London David, 8 at Guitar Tuition East London

What if my child doesn’t know whether they like guitar?

We offer a free introductory lesson, where your child can find out if they really want to play the guitar or not. If they don’t enjoy it, and don’t want to start lessons, that’s no problem—we are interested in working with children and parents over the long term who really do want to be there.

How old do you need to be to take guitar lessons at your school?

Our standard youngest age of acceptance is eight years old.

I’m not sure if my child is going to practise.

Many parents have this worry! We have put a lot of time and effort into learning how to inspire kids to practice, we have many tricks up our sleeve to help you.

My child has tried learning other instruments, but didn’t continue with them.

Were those instruments as cool as the guitar though? I’m joking… sort of. I, personally took lessons in many instruments until I found the guitar. Having never really practised the other instruments much. When I found the guitar I fell in love with it, and couldn’t put the thing down.

I am not musically talented, so I don’t think I’ll be able to help my child, should I still enquire about lessons for them?

Absolutely, we are here to help you AND your child to learn about playing the guitar. Not only do we take the time to help your child learn about playing and practising, We also invest in helping you (the parent) learn how to monitor your child’s progress, know when they are practising, and how to help your child when there are tough challenges in making progress.


What Do Our Students and Parents Have To Say About Our Kids Guitar Lessons?

“One of the best decisions was to enrol my daughter @ guitar tuition east London.
The team is excellent, my daughter improvement is massive in all aspects: performing, confidence, coordination.
Darryl, and the rest of the team put you at ease, always ready to accommodate your needs and your schedule. there are lessons to suit everyone, and is getting even better, as now they have Sunday’s lessons as well.
Also, my daughter has been given amazing opportunities to expand her learning and development.
I only wish I could have taken that decision long time ago, as I honestly believe there’s no better place at East London to learn and at same time enjoy playing guitar as a pro.”

Eunice with 10-year-old daughter, Keyla

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London Keyla, 10 at Guitar Tuition East London

“Darry and the team are great teachers and more importantly, he’s a passionate practitioner. He’s got a sound academic approach and he’s engaging which makes working with him very easy.
Lessons are well structured and you’ll learn chords that can be used to play any number of songs. Darryl is a nice and friendly guy and I can recommend him without hesitation.

Tobias with 8-years-old son, Emile

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London Emile, 8 at Guitar Tuition East London 

“Darryl is a fantastic guitar teacher. He finds fun innovative ways to teach the young children. Each lesson is different and individualised to each student’s needs, with feedback and goals given at the end of each session.

My 8-year-old son has progressed so much in 2 months and says: ‘Darryl is really kind and I love my guitar lessons’. Jennifer is also very supportive to both students and parents. She helps with any enquiries and has helped find the guitar equipment to ensure my son is ready for each lesson.

We would recommend Darryl to anyone interested in learning the guitar. We would not go anywhere else.”

Maxine with 8-years-old son, Macai

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London Macai, 8 at Guitar Tuition East London


“Before taking guitar lessons here I felt like I was restricted to what I could play. It felt like I wasn’t making enough progress. If I was it wasn’t fast enough which resulted in me not enjoying playing the guitar. However 5 months into lessons here, I’m finally seeing myself making steady progress.
The team here is ever so lovely and ensures that everyone knows that they are doing. Everyone is working hard at their own level. The lessons are also very fun and enjoyable. Now I’m not only a much better guitar player but confident when playing and enjoying myself.”

Alexandra, 15.

Kids Guitar Lessons London Guitar Tuition East London Alexandra, 15 at Guitar Tuition East London


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