Guitar Lessons For Kids Will Thank You For In 20 Years...

There's a special way to make your child fall in love with the guitar...

I'll share it with you After this embarrassing story about my own childhood...

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“He won’t practice”

“I’m sick of having arguments with my child about practising”

Is there a secret to getting children to practice at home?

“He won’t practice, what should I do?”

That was my mum and dad talking about my music lessons...

They just wanted to be good parents.

And it was becoming stressful for them...

They heard about other parents who would force their child to practice at home... 

And it would get results... But the child didn't seem very happy about it.. 

And it caused a lot of arguments... 

My parents had tried everything... and they were exhausted by it! 

They were ready to give up... but just decided to keep me in lessons. 

They stopped forcing me... and started encouraging me... 

One day it all clicked for me... and all I wanted to do was play guitar all day long...

I was once the 'hopeless kid' who couldn't play at all... now I'm a professional musician.

I am forever grateful to my parents for them keeping me in lessons... 

Now I get to play music forever... 

Hi I am Darryl,

I am the owner of Guitar Tuition East London.

I see that you only get one shot at childhood.. and appreciate how hard parents work to make good decisions.

Choosing guitar lessons is more than just the music

Why do some children pick up an instrument and take to it very quickly... and others seem to struggle?

Is it natural talent?

I think it's unlikely that Jimi Hendrix arrived on the operating table already playing guitar.

People say Mozart was talented. Did you know that he had probably done 3000 hours of practice with his dad by the age of 6? 

The method has a big impact.

 Not all guitar teachers are the same.

The connection your child has with the teacher is important.

So is the actual work they do. 

Kids these days get so excited about playing video games...

They spend so much time in front of a screen...

Your child learns about maths, English, science and all the other subjects by going to school. 

On top of that, many people don’t realise that the most important things they will ever have to do in their lives are:

1. Learn to think 

2. Have a great attitude towards work and learning 

Sometimes, yes, children do learn these things. But in my experience, many children leave school not really being able to do either as well as they potentially could.

Learning Guitar For a Child 

Now it’s worth mentioning that the guitar is not easy for a child to learn. It requires learning how to control your fingers with a lot of focus, grit and determination.

As a result, many of the children (and teenagers) who learn in the free guitar lessons in school struggle to learn guitar. And often give up their ambitions altogether.

Lessons at your child’s school often don’t consider all the important things that I have mentioned above. Some children manage to learn from their school lessons, but most children — even the ones who are very capable — don’t play well, simply because of either the lessons or the teacher they were given at school.

What do you get in our lessons? 

Guitar Teachers of our lessons in london

Our guitar teachers are trained professionals

All of our teachers take on-going teacher training. 

Not only are they professional musicians. They are professional teachers. There is a big difference. 

This means your child gets the best education we can provide. And feedback from our parents suggests it is continually getting better. 

You get more than just Guitar Lessons

There's so much more to your child's guitar education than the just guitar. They are learning to become a musician. 

Every child CAN become a musician. But not every child will. The way they learn and practice is really important.

Guitar lessons for kids
Gig Starr Rocco performing guitar

Your child can perform recitals with a backing band of professional musicians

Your child gets real performance experience. There are performance opportunities throughout the year.

You' might want to invite your family and friends along to see them play. A bonus of this is that it is like rocket fuel for their practising at home!

We communicate with you

It might sound silly... and maybe you're thinking "of course they communicate"...

But we know how important good communication is. We will make sure you know what's going on in your child's lesson. 

You'll know what they're working on, and you'll have the opportunity to see them perform regularly.

Child Guitar Lesson
performing electric guitar

The team are super friendly, there is a very strong sense of community. My son has lessons and he has found it truly inspiring. I can’t recommend Darryl and his team enough.

Michael, father of Luca, age 11

kids guitar lessons guitar Tuition East London

My Daughter has had lessons for 3 years.

I can always see the hard work and commitment the guitar teachers put into their lessons with my daughter.

I now get to play guitar with my daughter which is really special.  

Piotr, father of Nina, age 11

kids guitar lessons london Guitar tuition east london

Kids' guitar lessons here are always fun, engaging and relevant. The guitar teachers take time to get to know the kids and create a great atmosphere. 

I've also seen a huge boost in my son's confidence from attending lessons too!

Red, mother of Jasveer, age 8