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John Oxley
Started lessons here after around ten years away from playing. Rapidly made more progress than I ever had before. A really holistic way of learning, which not only advanced my playing but also my understanding of music theory and confidence with the instrument. The group sessions are a great way of learning - you get plenty of attention but also the chance to learn and play with others. I went from having never played in front of anyone else to performing at open mics in just a few months. The teaching structure is really excellent, ensuring everyone has a learning strategy that suits them and is followed. The teachers make complex aspects of guitar easy to understand while still encouraging you to develop and to become better at independent learning. Carys, Dan and Darryl are all great teachers, and the school is a superbly supportive environment. Would happily recommend to anyone.
Richard L
I've been at the school for about four years and I've learnt so much from the expert tuition. The lessons are really well thought out and personalised to each student with the benefit of learning together with other students in a class setting. I've learnt so much both technically and also in terms of music theory which makes each lesson a really well rounded experience. There are lots of opportunities to play with other students in a safe and fun way. It's also a very friendly school and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone of whatever experience.
Gleicijane Zoppi
Absolutely loving my guitar lessons, the amazing duo Carys and Dan are such great motivator. At 58, I finally decided to take guitar lessons, and I could not have chosen a better place to learn. From the start they showed their professionalism, I called 3 different schools and they were the only one that returned my call to provide me info about their classes and to offer me a free class, I have not look back since. Thank you guys!
I love this school and I am really enjoying lessons. Been attending for nearly a month. It’s a fun fill environment while learning. Never in my life have I seen 2 hour goes so fast. It’s hands on. Group lessons feels like 121 lesson. I look forward to lessons every week. Although I live very far away, it’s worth the travel. The teachers are great, easy to talk to and very helpful. It’s worth every penny. I was made to feel at home from the very first moment I walked into premises. Amazing instructors. I recommend them to anyone who will like to play the guitar.
Amatullah Thornhill
Amazing teachers! Really friendly! My 6 year old loves coming to her lessons and the workshops! Best decision I made for my daughter!
Jonathan Marius Charmesing Jones-Wong
After many failed attempts at trying to pick up the guitar through online tutorials, I started with GTEL some time towards the end of 2021. It is clear that they care a lot about their students, and it is amazing how GTEL have brought people together across East London and created a community for people to simply vibe, jam and have some fun! Even though it took me a while to sign up after my free trial lesson (likely due to my inquisitive yet indecisive nature), Carys was extremely helpful and patient in walking me through the system of the school and how classes are structured etc, which reassured me a ton before signing up. Most days, I take classes with Dan. He is an excellent teacher who has a keen sense in gauging the level of a student to help them learn and enjoy each class while also having the capacity to develop them further through the practices given. In spite of having to teach so many students throughout the day, he still accommodates to your needs depending on where you're at that day. Anyone interested in learning to play the guitar should definitely check out GTEL, they've got really interesting workshops and open mic events as well.
Angie Ah Kun
I started lessons at GTEL 4 years ago as a total beginner never having even held a guitar before. Daryl and Dan are excellent teachers and they have the special ability to assess which levels you are currently capable of playing at and what the next step will be to challenge you. They are hard working and very supportive! There is always something to learn on guitar and my friends and family have told me that they can see the progress I’ve made over time. The monthly workshops are fun and always have great themes. Jen and Daryl have built a community feeling that makes me feel like I am part of the guitar family! Carys is super helpful and she has taught me many things including how to restring my guitar! The effort you put in will determine what you get out of lessons. I would highly recommend GTEL.
Regina Siminderova
I’ve never met so caring tutors. I enjoy coming to lessons every time, and even though I am a very bad student I am still managing to make progress 🙂 highly recommend it ❤️
Akiko Hobson
My son has been learning guitar with them for nearly 3 years and he has been very happy with the school as well as myself. He gets to practice all the “cool” tunes as well as techniques, and most importantly, he likes all the friends in the school and plays in the band with them. They have lots of performance opportunities and workshops and I really like the community spirit that the school has!! Everybody is friendly each other and support each other, and they all have the love of guitar and music!
Students playing guitar

I would recommend this school without hesitation to anyone looking to learn..

I can honestly say that with this school and the fantastic teaching that takes place and the amazing atmosphere created amongst the students, my dreams of expressing creativity through music is now possible. I have progressed far beyond what I believed was possible and this is just the beginning. 

TOM B  // Personal Trainer

Female guitar student singing and playing guitar

I am finally accomplishing my goals and moving forward to become the ultimate guitarist. 

The culture of the organisation is so warm and supportive which adds an element that motivates you to want to become better. 

CHARDELLE L //  Administrator

Student and teacher playing guitar in a lesson

It's really nice now to be able to play some of my favourite music.

Before I took guitar lessons with Guitar Tuition East London my playing was stuck in a box. I struggled with guitar tab. I couldn't play with any self expression.

Now I can put on a record, recognise what key it is in and just solo over it. It's really nice to be able to play some of my favourite music. 

ROB A   //  Lawyer

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