1. Their guitar might be out of tune

When first learning, they might not know how to tune their guitar yet. 

Even if they are playing perfectly, it might sound bad.

You can assist by helping them tune it.

We'll teach you, just ask.

It's a tricky challenge for a lot of kids. So it's good if you can give them a hand.

2. It might be super repetitive

My stepdad used to complain to me constantly, "Why are you playing the same bloomin' part over and over?".

He didn't realise that learning to play requires repetitive motion. 

This builds all the important neural pathways for the brain and muscles!

3. Their practice might sound nothing like the actual song.

There are many reasons this might be the case...

Maybe we're simplified the song from the original so your child can play it...

Perhaps they don't have the rhythm down yet...

Or play the wrong notes or chords initially while trying to practice it.

All of this is just part of their progress and the process of learning.

So if you ever find yourself cringing at the sound of your child's playing just remember...

They get better. So keep being wonderfully supportive...

It all pays off with confidence, persistence and love.

kids fretboard guitar

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