Why Some People Can Write Songs And Other Can’t?

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Why Some People Can Write Songs And Other Can’t?

In the world of musicians there seems to be a quite sharp distinction between people who can compose original music and people who can’t.

The general agreement is that the former have some specific quality or talent that the latter do not possess (usually called “creativity” or “inspiration”)
As a consequence, many musicians simply believe that they will never be able to write songs – after all, they tried already and came out short. Maybe you think that this is your case too.

The reality

Well, the reality is quite different. And our outlook much more optimistic than you would expect 😉
Everybody can learn to write songs. Yes, I wrote “LEARN”: writing music is a learned (and teachable!) skill, just like guitar playing, riding a bicycle, or driving a car. It only LOOKS like a “natural ability”, but in fact people who can “naturally” write songs simply picked up a few basic techniques.
This means that even if you have no “creativity” to speak of at the moment, you CAN learn to be a creative musician.
The only “problem”, if you want to call it this way, is that your training should start in a strange place – that is to say, you will NOT start from something that resemble songwriting.
At the same time, this kind of training is very fun, and not hard at all to do. You may have already done something similar (in fact, I’m sure you did, otherwise you would not be here reading this article…)
So what is the right kind of training that will get your started on the way of learning how to write songs and compose original music? Rather than writing pages and pages about it, I prefer to show it to you in a video, so watch this:

Doing the exercise:

See, that was not hard at all. You can do this exercise literally anytime… but do not underestimate it because it looks so simple to do. First of all, depending on how much you can concentrate, this exercise can become quite complex. Secondly, the benefits that come from doing this consistently far surpass what you can imagine right now.
And if you do not believe this exercise will boost your creativity and ability to write… then my only suggestion is: do it once every day for a month. Then decide by yourself if you see any difference. You have my guarantee, you will be surprised.

Do you need to understand more music to get started? As a beginner, it can be quite overwhelming with all the terms. Especially learning on guitar. Use our “Understanding Music for Beginner Guitarists” to help you.

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A professional prog rock musician, Tommaso Zillio is a regular writer of columns about music composition.