Guitar Lessons London Reviews

guitar tuition East London student dean

Immediately it felt like they gave me the key to unlock talent inside

“Darryl and the whole team are amazing and passionate about what they do. They really cares about your development and wants to know what you want to learn.

When I started learning guitar, I was getting frustrated with trying to teach myself on youtube videos and books. It was not working for me at all.

Then I started taking lessons with Guitar Tuition East London and Darryl.

Thank you for all your help.”

Dean C  //  Entrepreneur and Guitar Player

London guitar lessons student at GTEL

Since I started taking guitar lessons, it has unlocked the fretboard and now I can put on a record, recognise what key it is in and just solo over it.

“My playing before I took guitar lessons with Guitar Tuition East London was stuck in a box. I was finding a guitar tab, and I could only play the guitar tab but I didn’t have any self expression and I didn’t know my way around the guitar.

Even my mum thought I was part of the record! And she had no idea that I was playing the guitar till she saw it in my hands! It’s really nice now to be able to play along to some of my favourite music.”

Rob A  //  Lawyer and Guitar Player

Jon Guitar tuition east london acoustic guitar lessons review

Being here has helped me so much with my confidence and that’s the biggest thing I love about guitar lessons at this school. Unlike other guitar teachers I’ve had before.

“I had been playing guitar for 8 years before, and been having lessons for a year and a half. And it wasn’t until I was here at this guitar school, that I made so much progress.

The lessons here are really tailored to you and what you want to achieve rather than being set in it’s way or doing what the teacher wants to do only, and that’s why it’s the best guitar school around. “

Jon L //  Product Manager and Guitar Player

Reviews of London Guitar Lessons at Guitar Tuition East London:

laura guitar student guitar tuition east london

It’s a fun atmosphere to be in, whatever level you are at, you will still be surprised how much you can learn.”

“If you want to start learning guitar as an adult, you will definitely benefit from being in guitar lessons..

Laura R  //  Works in Finance and plays guitar

guitar student at Guitar Tuition East London

I’ve made amazing progress since I started a couple of months ago! Highly recommend!

“Darryl is a great guitar teacher! Very organised and approachable and I always enjoy our lessons.

Megan S //  Comedian and Guitar Player

karen guitar lessons in Guitar Tuition East London Stratford

And now that I’ve been taking lessons, I can work out my favourite songs and how to play it..

Before I started lessons, I got frustrated with YouTube because it was so overwhelming.

 I look forward to lessons every week! You will definitely get something out of lessons. It really encourages and motivates me to keep playing.”

Karen D  //  Hotel Manager and Guitar Player

Guitar Student at Guitar Tuition East London

In the past I’ve been through quite a few guitar teachers and I’ve learnt a lot and learnt a lot of different styles to playing guitar. But there was a lot of inconsistency.

Now I feel more progression week on week than I ever have before.

It’s so rewarding and encouraging to feel yourself making so much progress.

Guitar Tuition East London really is an all-encompassing guitar music school. I’ve learnt really interesting, efficient, and engaging ways of improving my musicality that I can apply to my singing and song writing as well. ”

Nick I //  Risk Assessment Manager and Acoustic Singer Songwriter

matt London guitar lessons Guitar Tuition East London acoustic guitar student

And since starting lessons, I’ve seen both my skill and enthusiasm for playing build incredibly quickly.

“The guitar lessons are really dynamic and varied. I thoroughly enjoy the guitar lessons and have found a new enthusiasm for practising my guitar daily.

I am setting goals on improving my guitar playing that I can see I will accomplish.

More importantly, I would highly recommend Guitar Tuition East London for any level of abilities.

Even if you are a totally beginner or a seasoned professional, I’ll be the first to recommend Guitar Tuition East London.

The teacher’s knowledge, style,  and enthusiasm are second to none.”

Matt B  //  Commercial Photographer and Guitar Player

What our students and their parents think of our London Guitar Lessons:

Ian and Josh at guitar

In the past I’ve been through quite a few guitar teachers and I’ve learnt a lot and learnt a lot of different styles to playing guitar. But there was a lot of inconsistency.

"The whole team who run this guitar tuition studio are incredibly enthusiastic and talented. 

The kids all look forward to their lessons and delight in performing in front of the parents and other children.

If your child is wanting to learn to play the guitar I would strongly advise checking this place out.

Ian and Joshua (age 11) //  Father and Son

Taking London guitar lessonsguitar tuition East London

After only 4 months, I did my first performance as well, coming from not knowing anything.

“Before I started lessons, I had no sense of musicality at all. I didn’t know the difference between a melody or a chord. In a very short space of time, my confidence has gone up so much. And my musicality has improved.

I feel respected in regards to my goals and what I want to do on the guitar.

I would recommend Guitar Tuition East London because of the atmosphere that you get, the teaching and the supportive environment.

Through my whole career in all fields of learning, this has been the best that I’ve ever come across.”

Tom B //  Personal Trainer and Guitar Player

Female guitar student singing and playing guitar

I am finally accomplishing my goals and moving forward to become the ultimate guitarist. 

The culture of the organisation is so warm and supportive which adds an element that motivates you to want to become better. 

Chardelle L //  Administrator and Guitar Player

Like many people I was stuck in a rut after years of trying to learn guitar. Learning at GTEL has been a breath of fresh air. 

This is great place to learn guitar whatever your standard. Not only have I made real progress but the teachers have given me the skills to get even better through focused practice. Best of all the lessons are actually enjoyable. Working with other students gives you the chance to actually make music together and regular jam sessions let you take it all to the next level. Thoroughly recommended.

Paul D //  Former Teacher and Guitar Player