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At Guitar Tuition East London, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students. Their success is our success. Below, you'll find stories from students and parents who have experienced the transformative power of our guitar lessons. Let their words inspire you to start your own musical journey.

Progress Videos Of Our Guitar Students

"The team are super friendly, there is a very strong sense of community.

My son has lessons and he has found it truly inspiring. 

I can’t recommend Darryl and his team enough."

Michael and Luca (Age 12) //  Father and Son (Guitarist)

London guitar lessons student at GTEL

"Since I started taking guitar lessons here, it has unlocked the fretboard and now I can put on a record, recognise what key it is in and just solo over it. 

My playing before I took guitar lessons with Guitar Tuition East London was stick in a box. I was finding a guitar tab, then could only play the tab but didn't have any self expression, and didn't know my way around the guitar. 

After starting lessons and playing along to my favourite songs. Even my mum thought I was part of the record when I started improvising! She had no idea that I was playing the guitar till she saw it in my hands! It's really nice to surprise my mum like that." 

Rob A  //  Lawyer and Guitar Player

Ian and Josh at guitar

"The kids all look forward to their guitar lesson every week and I'm delighted to see them perform in front of parents and other children. 

The whole team who run this guitar tuition studio are incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and talented. 

If your child wants to learn the guitar then I would strongly advise coming to this guitar school." 

Ian and Joshua (age 12) //  Father and Son (Guitarist) 

Guitar Student at Guitar Tuition East London

"I've been through quite a few guitar teachers trying to learn the guitar and I've learnt a lot, and lots of different styles. But there were always a lot of inconsistency.

Since starting at here, I feel more progression week on week than I ever have ever done before. 

It's so rewarding and encouraging to feel yourself making so much progress. 

Guitar Tuition East London really is an all-encompassing guitar music school. I've learnt interesting, efficient and engaging ways to improve my musicality that I can also apply to my singing and song writing as well."

Nick I //  Risk Assessment Manager and Acoustic Singer Songwriter

"I enjoy my lessons, as I get to learn something new each time, as well as get the chance to focus on something I may be working on trying to grasp.

The techniques taught at the school has made a huge impact on my playing. My ability to explore other chord shapes on the neck of the guitar has increased, giving me more freedom to express my self when playing the guitar.

The class atmosphere has always been warm and welcoming making it very easy to settle in and get playing.  

I have definitely been able to build my confidence playing the guitar in an environment that is fun, friendly and extremely supportive.

Thank you Guitar Tuition East London!"

Rhona N //  People & Experience Administrator, and Guitar Player

"Aaraadhn was keen on learning guitar for a while, despite my long search for a good tutor, I could not quite find one. Then out of the blue, the leaflet from Guitar Tuition East London drops into my door.

I did some internet search, then picked up the phone and spoke to Carys, met with Dan the same weekend, and started shortly afterwards.

The entire team is dedicated and provide a friendly atmosphere for the kids to learn without any pressure.

A year on, I see Aaraadhn's potential unlocked already - not only is he enjoying his guitar playing, he also enjoys the singing, most of all, he is able to perform in front of a crowd which is super amazing!

I am very happy that I made the right decision to enroll Aaraadhn with Darryl and his team."

Ram and Aaraadhn (age 11) //  Father and Son (Guitarist)

"For many years I played about trying to learn guitar in fits and starts on my own. Finally, I decided to take some proper lessons with Guitar Tuition East London. I wish that I had found these guys a whole lot earlier!

I cannot think of anything negative to say about this school or the tutors. The tutors are all passionate about music and are keen to foster this in their pupils.

Passing on their musical knowledge and skills at playing the guitar is a fundamental principle with them which they carry out with great enthusiasm. They are a welcoming bunch who have grown a real community around their pupils.

All the pupils are so relaxed and friendly, and my lessons are something that I look forward to, it is also great to catch up with the other pupils and chat while we wait for our lesson to start.

The school also arranges other social events for students and their families which are nothing to do with music, these are a great idea and help to foster the idea of community.

I have been extremely impressed by the way the tutors care about the pupils, really wanting them to succeed and they go out of their way to help and encourage all of us along the way.

I cannot recommend this school highly enough it really is a community of guitar players with the most enthusiastic, caring and encouraging tutors.

Anyone taking lessons here will never regret the decision."

George P //  Business Owner and Guitar Player

"This is a fun and professional school with a structured step-by-step approach. They tailor lessons carefully to each student and seek to make you not just a guitarist, but also a musician. 

It all takes place in a highly supportive communal environment with friendly smiles and all-you-can-drink tea!

My only hesitation when I joined was the group-learning format. I always assumed one-on-one would be better, but I was wrong.

In a group, you see first-hand that everyone is on the same journey, regardless of what level they are at. Also, students bounce ideas and tips off each other. 

And best of all is the opportunity to collaborate and perform with others at the fantastic open mic sessions.

This school is a classy outfit and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else who wants to learn guitar... properly!

In fact, when I was a couple of months in, I did recommend to a friend, and she is now coming up to her first anniversary there."

Check out Barney's band 'Itches' here:


Barney D //  Multilingual Publishing Team Leader and Guitar Player

Taking London guitar lessonsguitar tuition East London

"After only 4 months, I did my first performance! Coming from not knowing anything beforehand. 

Before I started lessons, I had no sense of musicality at all. I didn't know the difference between a melody or a chord. In a very short space of time, my confidence has gone up so much and my musicality has improved. 

I feel respected in regards to my goals and what I want to do on the guitar. 

I would recommend Guitar Tuition East London because of the atmosphere that you get, the teaching and supportive environment. 

Throughout my whole career in all fields of learning, this has been the best that I've ever come across."

Tom B //  Personal Trainer and Guitar Player

guitar tuition East London student dean

"Immediately it felt like they gave me the key to unlock my talent inside

Darryl and the whole team are amazing and passionate about what they do. They really care about your development and want to know what you want to learn. 

What I started learning the guitar as a beginner, I was getting frustrated with trying to teach myself on youtube and from books. It was not working for me at all. 

Then I started taking lessons with Guitar Tuition East London and Darryl. 

Thank you for all your help." 

Dean C  //  Entrepreneur and Guitar Player

Jon Guitar tuition east london acoustic guitar lessons review

"Being here has helped me so much with my confidence and that's the biggest thing I love about guitar lessons at this guitar school. Unlike other guitar teachers I've had before.

I had been playing guitar for 8 years before, and been having lessons for a year and a half with another guitar teacher. And it wasn't until I was at this guitar school that I made so much progress. The guitar lessons here are really tailored to you and what you want to achieve rather than being set in a strict way or doing what the teacher wants to do only. And that's what it's the best guitar school around London." 

Jon L //  Product Manager and Guitar Player

Reviews of London Guitar Lessons at Guitar Tuition East London:

laura guitar student guitar tuition east london

"It's such a fun atmosphere to be in, whatever level you are at, you will still be surprised how much you can learn.

If you want to start learning guitar as an adult, you will definitely benefit from being in guitar lessons here. "

Laura R //  Works in Finance and Plays Guitar

guitar student at Guitar Tuition East London

"I've made amazing progress since I started a couple of months ago! Highly recommend!

Darryl and his whole team are great guitar teachers! They are very organised and approachable and I always always enjoy our lessons together." 

Megan S //  Comedian and Guitar Player

karen guitar lessons in Guitar Tuition East London Stratford

"Now that I've been taking guitar lessons, I can work out my favourite songs and how to play them, instead of relying on finding videos online...

Before I started guitar lessons, I got frustrated with YouTube because it was so overwhelming.

I look forward to lessons every week! You will definitely get something out of lessons at this guitar school. They are really encourage and it helps to motivate me to keep playing and learning guitar." 

Karen D //  Hotel Manager and Guitar Player

matt London guitar lessons Guitar Tuition East London acoustic guitar student

"Since starting lessons, I've seen both my skill and enthusiasm for playing guitar build incredibly quickly. 

The guitar lessons are really dynamic and varied. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons here and found a new enthusiasm for practising my guitar daily. 

I am setting goals on improving my guitar playing that I can see I will achieve, and more importantly. I would highly recommend Guitar Tuition East London if you are looking for guitar lessons. 

Even if you are a totally beginner or a seasoned professional, they've got something for you." 

Matt B //  Commercial Photographer and Guitar Player

Many of our students regular perform and play guitar at our Open Mics, jam sessions, workshops and concerts. 

Female guitar student singing and playing guitar

"I am finally accomplishing my goals and moving forward to become the guitarists that I've always wanted to be. 

The culture of the guitar school and the whole organisation is so warm and supportive, which adds to the motivation of me wanting to become better on the guitar."

Chardelle L //  Adminstrator, Singer and Guitar Player

"Like many people, I was stuck in a rut after years of trying to learn guitar. Learning at Guitar Tuition East London has been a breath of fresh air in comparison. 

This is a great place to learn guitar whatever your standard.

Not only have I made real progress but the teacher have given me the skills to get even better through focused practice. Best of all the lessons are actually enjoyable. Working with other students gives you the chance of actually making music together and regular jam sessions lets you take it to the next level.

Thoroughly recommend!!"

Paul D //  Former Teacher and Guitar Player

"Joining the school was one of the best decisions I’ve made since moving to London!

My confidence is hugely improved since joining and I’m constantly making progress with my technique and approach to practicing.

The lessons are well structured and challenging, I always look forward to going. The opportunity to jam with other students at the school is a great bonus and it definitely helps train your ear.

The teachers are really encouraging, knowledgeable, and very passionate about helping you reach your potential.

The personalised feedback has played a big part in my progress and has helped me stay motivated to achieve my goals."

Stephanie H //  Sign language Interpreter and Guitar Player

"A fun and friendly place to start learning the guitar or, if you're like me, to pick it up again if you haven't played it in a while. 

All the staff and teachers are patient and kind and have managed to build a real community around the school.

They also coped admirably in creating engaging and fun remote lessons during the COVID lockdowns. 

If you're looking for a new hobby to keep you occupied in 2021, I'd heartily recommend getting in touch with the school and see what they can offer you."

Francis W //  Journalist and Guitar Player

"High recommended! I was given a bass guitar as a surprise present for my birthday in 2017 but didn’t have a clue where to start, having never played a guitar in my life!

I had heard of Guitar Tuition East London but didn’t know whether they taught bass, luckily for me they do.  

The classes are varied, including working on rhythm, playing with other people and how to practice when you’re not in lessons. 

Darryl and Dan adapt the lessons to the stage you are at and what your goals are and the whole team are really supportive. 

From being an absolute beginner the progress I’ve made is amazing."

Jenny S //  Business Owner and Bass Player

"I have been coming for a year and my guitar playing has improved so much in that time.

I had three guitar teachers previously, I learned bits of songs. Now I’m actually learning to play. 

Everyone is really friendly and helpful. If you want to learn guitar I would recommend you give Guitar Tuition East London a try."

Mark C //  Service Manager and Guitar Player

"My son absolutely loves attending guitar lessons! 

 The staff members are super professional with a family-friendly vibe."

Maryam and Haaris (age 8) //  Mother and Son (Guitarist)

"My son has been learning to play the guitar for two years at Guitar Tuition East London! And he really enjoys it there the whole experience of learning is amazing for him!

He loves the atmosphere because the staff are so friendly and warm they make you feel so welcomed. We just love the way everything is set up the pictures and the venue it definitely feels like you have come to learn and play guitar....They have guitars displayed everywhere the rooms are lovely.

The teaching has also been so brilliant my son loves his teachers he has a very good relationship with them all. They just get on so well every time he needs help he asks.

And it has really help built my son confidence in so many ways just by learning how to play a guitar has bought so much out of him.

I cannot thank the staff enough they are all so amazing and very professional in what they do and there teaching. I highly recommend this place :)"

Manisha and Krish (Age 10) //  Mother and Son (Guitarist)

"This school is something very special indeed. Founded and run by Darryl and his charming, friendly, gifted and utterly dedicated young team, it provides skilled and inspiring guitar teaching. 

My son is seven and he has developed a real feel for the guitar and acquired knowledge about chords and rhythm etc.

He also chose to perform solo in front of an audience at the school's "open mic" session within three months of signing up (N.B there is no pressure on any child do this but if the do they will be warmly supported). 

It is very much a team effort and everyone involved is committed to supporting the students in realising their potential without pressure.

An added bonus is the camaraderie amongst the parents too.

The school is wonderful as it is but I suspect that it will in time grow in to something much bigger and is itself destined for stardom!"

Ed and Uchenna (Age 7) //  Father and Son (Guitarist)

"I cannot sing enough praises about Guitar Tuition East London!

I have been learning the bass guitar here for a few months and I can see the vast difference in my playing compared to when I started.

Lessons are so varied, so enjoyable and we always consolidate previous material.

The team of teachers are wonderful - always cheerful and very encouraging and there is a great nurturing environment at the school.

Lessons are definitely something to look forward to every week!"

Priyanka S //  Doctor and Bass Player

"I've been taking lessons for over 6 months now and am very happy with how I am progressing. 

I am a complete beginner and am now playing songs I didn't think I would be able to play.
The teachers here are excellent at what they do and very patient.

I have learnt a variety of different skills I had no idea about and am able to make my guitar sound good. Thank you very much."

Sai P //  Optician and Guitar Player

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