Should I get a guitar teacher?

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As a new guitar player, you may be wondering whether you should take guitar lessons.

Fine... we are biased. We teach guitar. But really, I tried learning guitar without a guitar teacher, and when I had one. Wow. Did it help my playing.

So you might like one too.

Hope this article shows you the benefits of taking guitar lessons from a qualified teacher. While you can teach yourself, there are lots of benefits to learning from someone who knows what they are doing. 

Having a guitar teacher to teach you the basics

A lot of people think - oh I can teach myself the basics, and then go to a teacher. And while you definitely can. And some do pretty well. You might end up wasting a lot of time. 

One thing a qualified guitar teacher  can do is teach you the basics with a strong foundation. Without a strong foundation, you might find yourself struggling in the future. 

This includes basic chords, scales, music theory, songs, and so on.

This might sound simple, but it's not when there is so much information out there.

The basics are what's going to help you advance on the instrument.

If you don't know these concepts, you can end up spinning your wheels. A good teacher will give you the foundation you need and make sure you don't have any holes in your learning. 

Confidence and Motivation 

The teacher will install confidence in you. There's something about knowing that you have someone looking out for you. For your progress, and what you are learning. That fills you with confidence. 

The teacher will also motivate you to do better. Helping you to stay accountable, if that's what you need.

You will have a set path to follow that helps you with what you need.

And with a good guitar teacher, you will learn at your own pace that's right for you.

The teacher won't give you something that you're not ready for. If you teach yourself. It's easy to pick things that are too hard and get disheartened. I've seen it time and time again.

And you might feel a lack confidence in your own abilities. And if you don't have a path to follow, you can feel lost. Which is demotivating and make you not want to practise. 

No bad habits

It's easy to develop bad habits when you teach yourself.

For example, you may finger chords in the wrong way.

You may play things out of position.

Your guitar teacher will show you the best way to play chords, scales, and other musical concepts.

They will help you avoid bad habits.

This makes you're playing better.

You will learn music in the correct way. If you do develop a bad habit, the teacher can help you work out of it.

Sometimes we get students who have been playing for 20 years who come in. And it does take a good while to train some of the bad habits out, and restart again. 

Songs and repertoire

A great guitar teacher will help you be able to learn songs that you never thought you could.

Whether that's developing the skills required to play them.

Or maybe changing them up so even as a beginner, you can play some of your favourite songs.

By being able to play these songs, you will have more confidence. Not only that, you're going to have a lot of fun.

If your teacher self, you may find it difficult to learn certain songs because you lack the ability to play them.

Learning guitar techniques

Many guitar techniques require a lot of practice and dedication.

A guitar teacher can show you many different guitar techniques. You will learn these in the correct manner.

You will have a wide range of skills in your toolbox and at your arsenal.  

For example, you'll learn rhythm guitar, lead guitar, strumming, finger-picking, and so on.

A lot of these guitar techniques are difficult to learn on your own. And a guitar teacher can teach you from the very beginning. This gives you a solid foundation. And be able to teach you the skills you need to play the music you love. 

Having help with practising guitar

When you take lessons with a teacher, you will have consistency with your learning.

You will have certain things that you will want to practice at home after the lesson.

This helps keep you on track and gives you something to work towards.

If you teach yourself, you may have unproductive practice sessions. Not knowing what to work on and how to move forward.

The teacher will give you something specific that you must learn when you go home. These learning materials build upon the last one. Helping you to constantly keeping building on your previous skills. 

Having other people to play guitar with

One of the best things about a guitar teacher is other people to play guitar with. 

Whether it's just your guitar teacher, or maybe you even get to learn with some other people in the room. 

It means you won't get up as a bedroom guitarist. 

Playing in with and in front of other people will give you more confidence. And as you get better, you can play in front of friends and family.

It's a lot of fun playing guitar with other people. And it's nice to have supportive people to do it with. 

Be around people who love music as much as you do 

Your guitar teacher will be someone that loves music as much as you do.

If you would like more people who love music around you. You'll be able to discuss music and understand it better with a quality teacher.

Your teacher will be the expert that can guide you through the process of learning music and playing guitar. 


While you can teach yourself guitar, you'll get more out of it with a guitar teacher. You won't be learning bad habits. And you will learn all of the basic concepts that you need to know.

You'll be working with a professional that loves music as much as you do. Consider getting a teacher and enjoy playing the journey of learning to play guitar. 

If you live in London and want to find out how we can help you to learn guitar. You can meet our guitar teacher in person to find out how you get on with us first.