Everyone knows about the importance of goal setting.

But if you do it wrong, it can cause you to feel frustrated and doubtful. You can start to wonder if you’ll ever become good enough. (It did for me and many of my students.)

So should you be setting goals for guitar?

And if you should, how should you go about it so you don't get all the horrible negative side effects.

The answer isn't what you might think it is.

You probably know that goals are import to give you direction. Without them, you can become like a ship floating around in the ocean. Allowing it to take you wherever.

With goals, you become the captain of the ship. Steering to wherever you want to go.

So what kind of goals are good to set?

Should You Be Setting Goals For Guitar?

Most people set outcome goals…

“I want to play a song”

“I want to play faster”

“I want to write better music”

You want to know the problem with these?

They force your brain to only ever think about all the things you’re not good at.

For some people that might be motivating…

Not me.

Nor the hundreds of students I’ve taught.

So what works better?

“Process goals”

These are where you focus on a ACTION you can take. Not an outcome to achieve.

Big difference.

Should You Be Setting Goals For Guitar?

You can achieve actions each day. For example:

“I’m going into practice the tricky chord changes in a song for 5 minutes today.”

“I’m going to spend 5 minutes focused on the right technique”

“I’m going to write some music using a new music theory concept I learned.”

(These are a little vague but you get the idea.)

Process goals a great because they're easier to complete. And they help to keep guitar exciting... and to give you a sense of accomplishment every time you play.

And the best part?

When you focus on process goals, the outcome goals achieve themselves.

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