You might know this already…

In order to improve your guitar playing, you need to learn more stuff (... like songs, techniques, theory, etc...)


Maybe not.

Depending on where you’re at in your journey… this could be the most important thing you read today.

Of course, it should go without saying, if you’re brand new to the guitar… you DO need to learn new things. You can’t pick up the guitar and be better with no practice. It doesn’t work like that.

But if you know a few things already... here’s why it might be good to stop learning new things.

I recently started re-watching the Star Wars movies. Specifically 'A New Hope' and 'The Return of The Empire'. (This does relate to you… stick with me).

There were lots of cool things that I remembered. Like Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi Knight. (A Jedi Knight is like a soldier with a fancy sword that glows bright.) Or Darth Vader being the big evil baddie who has cool evil powers.

Should You Stop Learning New Things On Guitar?

But there were many things I forgot about.

Things that still made it enjoyable to rewatch.

Like watching the relationship between the characters change over time. Or how some of the characters face and overcome one problem… only to face a brand new problem.

These are all little details I missed (or forgot about) the last time I watched these movies.

And that’s why it can be important for you to recap things on the guitar…

There will be details you missed the first (or second… or third…) time around. There will be things you’ve forgotten. We’re all human. We all forget things.

When you go back and relearn something… you benefit from all these little things.

And what does this do to your guitar playing?

It makes you better.

You end up learning and understanding someone on a whole new level. You’re able to create better music with what you’re learning...

Should You Stop Learning New Things On Guitar?

And you’re able to enjoy playing music more.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Enjoying what you’re doing more than you did six months, or a year ago?

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