Some people seem to have no problem perfectly playing in time. They never skip a beat. And everything seems effortless to them, never going out of time.

If that’s you… congrats! If not, you’ll want to keep reading…

Because I’d like to share a little tweak with you. It’s something you can add to your practice TODAY. And it can help you grow your ability to stay in time… all the time.

Let’s dive in…

If you know anything about practicing… you might be thinking I’m about to tell you to use a metronome to help you stop going out of time…

… and you're right...

Well, half right. (Don’t know what a metronome is? It’s a little device that regularly goes “tick” to help you keep to the beat of a song. I use them all the time for practice. They’re awesome.)


Test THIS Tweak To Stop Yourself Going Out Of Time

It's possible to use a metronome to practice and STILL struggle with timing.

You need to add in this “magic” piece of the timing puzzle…

… and that’s by challenging your brain to hear the speed of a song (... the “beat”) even when it’s not there.

Let me explain...

On some metronomes, you can turn off the sound on certain beats. Rather than ticking on beat one, two, three, four… you can remove two and four for example. So you only hear one… three… etc.

Here’s why this is so powerful…

When you practice to a metronome... and you stop it ticking on certain beats like two and four… it trains your brain to keep in time. You build up a strong “internal metronome.” THIS is the skill great musicians have.

Test THIS Tweak To Stop Yourself Going Out Of Time

They have a good awareness of how fast the song is. When the next beat is. And they’re able to keep track of that while they play. If you don’t have this skill yet… don’t worry. It’s trainable.

If you found this insight helpful, consider trying it out.

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