You may have seen this chord already…

Some of you may have tried to play it.

The fact is, this chord (if done wrong), can be damaging to your playing.

It can cause pain in the hands

It can take months of practice before it ever starts to sound good…

It can drive you mad trying to get it right...

And even then, there's the challenge of being able to change to it fast enough.

But you know what the worst part is?

It comes up in songs all the time.

The Beatles used it in "Let It Be"...

Ed Sheeran uses it "Thinking Out Loud"...

Taylor Swift plays it “Bad Blood”...

So, we need to have a way to play this chord, and to do so without it taking months to learn.

(I'm not over exaggerating... it really can take that long.)

At this point you might be thinking…

“Well if it comes up in songs so much, why not put the time in anyway to learn it?"

I agree, that would be a great approach…

If I was programming a robot how to play.

But I'm not, I'm teaching humans…

And we have our emotions to deal with.

Whenever things get frustrating, it probably doesn’t make you want to practice more.

(I know that’s true for me)

What’s more important is two things…

Feeling like you can play…

And the SOUND.

The first step to learning guitar is playing chords that sound good... and are easier to play.

When they’re easier to play you can learn songs faster…

When you can learn songs faster, you want to play more…

When you want to play more,  it gives you encouragement to practice trickier things.

So, what is the chord I’m talking about?

It’s the dreaded “F Chord.”

When I teach my students this chord, I have created three levels to it.

They’re all designed to help build up to the trickiest one…

To keep things fun...

And to help people sound good along the way.

Level 1 isn't too tricky... so long as you have three working fingers 🙂

If you’d like to know what the first level is, and how to best tackle this chord…

I teach it as part of my course… the “30 Day Beginner Challenge”

Click the link below to see how I do it...

>>> Here’s how I get all my beginners to sound good using the F chord

Get in touch to let me know how you get on!

Darryl “that F’in chord” Powis

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