We had a hard time selecting what should have been a Top 10 list. Because it's so difficult not to include many of their hits -- combing through 200+ songs, 13 albums, plus some singles -- we've decided to make it a Top 20 list.

We've included our favourite songs in many (sorry, not all) of the albums, songs that we consider among Our Top 20 All-Time Beatles' Hits.

1. Let It Be (1970). Let It Be.

Paul McCartney wrote this song with an allusion to his Mother Mary who, he said, he saw in a dream. Let It Be reached no.1 in the US and no.2 in the UK.

2. Hey Jude (1968). Single.

Paul McCartney (again) wrote this as a comforting song to John Lennon's son, Julian. Hey Jude was the Beatles' all-time hit single, staying at no.1 for nine straight weeks.

3. Eleanor Rigby (1966). Revolver.

Eleanor Rigby was released in 1966 as a flip-side (side B) to Yellow Submarine. A twist of musical irony!

4. A Day In The Life (1967). Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

This is two songs welded into one. John Lennon wrote most of the song. McCartney, the chorus, "Woke up, fell out of bed..." 

5. Come Together (1969). Abbey Road.

Come Together's blues and rock influences is clear. The song made no.1 in the US during its peak.

6. Yesterday (1965). Help!

The rock ballad leaves you asking why she had to go and what was it he said that was wrong.

7. Something (1969). Abbey Road.

The first line of the song echoes the first line of James Taylor's original song Something In The Way She Moves. Uncanny, isn't it?!

8. The Long And Winding Road (1970). Let It Be.

Another poetic rock ballad from Paul McCartney.

9. Across The Universe (1970). Let It Be.

John Lennon's opened mind and transcendental lyrics will take you on and on across the universe in this song.

10. Penny Lane (1967). Single. 

Paul McCartney tells a story about a locality in his hometown, Penny Lane, and the working class people that he saw.

11. A Hard Day's Night (1964). A Hard Day's Night.

The song was written overnight, on demand! For the movie of the same title, that featured the band.

12. She Loves You (1963). Single.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah!

13. Can't Buy Me Love (1964). A Hard Day's Night.

No, no, no... no! Can't Buy Me Love reached no.1 in the US and the UK soon after its release in 1964.

14. Help! (1965). Help!

"I think John's whole life was a cry for help," said Paul McCartney when asked about the meaning of Help! in a People Magazine interview in 2015.

15. I Saw Her Standing There (1963). Please, Please Me.

When your heart goes "Boom!" you'll never dance with another, ooh. LOL.

16. Norwegian Wood: This Bird Has Flown (1965). Rubber Soul.

Can you hear the twang of the sitar is in this serious John Lennon ballad?

17. Here, There, And Everywhere (1966). Revolver.

Absolutely beautiful love song from Paul McCartney.

18. I Will (1968). The Beatles, The White Album.

Another beautiful love song from Paul McCartney.

19. If I Fell (1964). A Hard Day's Night.

A love song by John Lennon expressing his vulnerability.

20. Eight Days A Week (1964). Beatles For Sale. 

"Eight days a week" is what Paul McCartney's chauffeur would say.

Yeah, we could have included a lot more songs -- a Top 50 list -- and still not run out of hits.

What's your Top 20 Beatles' All-Time Hits?

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