In the last 10 years of teaching, I’ve met A LOT of people who want to learn guitar.

Some of them have even become personal friends of mine…

But there’s many people who want to learn guitar who never reach the level where they feel like they can play. (In a 2015 study, 90% of new guitar players quit in their first year.)

Why does this happen?

Some of the many reasons are:

  • Either life got in the way… 

  • They weren’t serious enough about learning… 

  • They found it too hard…

What Are You Willing To Do?

I’ve certainly experienced all four of these. When I started as a teenager, I wasn’t really serious about learning. I just wanted to have fun. (Which by the way, is the number one thing I hear from new students… and I fully support it.)

Life has found ways to interrupt my learning… and I’ve gone months without even picking up the guitar. (And of course feeling a MASSIVE amount of guilt and shame.)

I’ve found things so hard that I’ve wanted to smash my guitar into a wall…

And I’ve even had friends and family tell me that I’ll never make it.

The moral behind all of this is that YOU control what you can and can’t do. YOU decide what you’re willing to do.

Guitar is a tricky beast. It will test your patience... your willpower... your persistence.

But if you can climb the treacherous mountain and you can reach the summit… the views are pretty damn good. (Meaning, if you can overcome your challenges… guitar becomes a lot of fun!)

How Music Makes You Happier

The only question is…

“What are you willing to do to learn guitar to your best potential?”

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