Everyone wants to learn things faster

And there’s a simple “practicing trick” you can use that allows you to “hack your brain.” It can even help memorising things 2x… 5x… or 10x faster.

The best part? It’s simple to do… doesn’t cost a penny… and all it takes is five minutes a day.

Oh and this also works whether you’re age 7 or 70…

Before I tell you about this “practicing trick” to learn and memorise things faster…

Let me tell you about a friend of mine who struggled with memory…

Okay I say a friend… it’s Dory from the movie Finding Nemo.

What's The Best Way To Learn Anything Fast?

Don’t worry, I’m not friends with an animated fish. But this little character struggles with memory.

She’s always forgetting where she is or what she’s doing. In the movie she uses a different memory hack called “environmental triggering.” This helps her to jog her memory by being in certain places...

But another trick she could have used is a concept called quizzing.

It’s a great tool to help you learn anything. And like I said earlier, it can help learn anything 2x...5x… or 10x faster. (Whether you’re 7 or 70…)

So how can you use quizzing in your day to day guitar activities?


You pick something you want to get better at learning or remembering and you turn it into a quiz.

What's The Best Way To Learn Anything Fast?

Because I have a lot of students who want to get better at learning the fretboard... those students will quiz themselves by asking questions like…

“What notes are in the A Major scale”

Or… “What key am I in if I’m playing the chords G D Em C?”

These kind of questions are great because you need to know the systems you want to remember to answer them.

And the same can work for chords too. You can ask questions like…

“What fingers do I use for an A Major chord?”

“When I practice chords, where should the fingers land inside the frets?”

I could make this article the length of a dissertation with examples or different ways you can use this.

But if you like the idea of quizzing… then give it a try next time you’re doing something mundane like cooking.

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