Let me be the first to say… that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE…) has off days with practice.

Days when you don’t pick up the guitar to practice. Days when you know you should but you’re just not feeling it.

I have it…

My students have it…

Even professionals have it. (And if they never missed a day of practice, they’re lying.)

But those missed days of practice can start affecting you negatively. The self doubt can start creeping in. And it’s easy to obsess over all the days you missed. To worry about all the progress you missed out on. Or to start wondering when you’ll ever feel “good enough.”

Whose Fault When You Don't Practice? (Hint, it's NOT yours…)

Which brings us to the question…

“Who’s fault is it when you don’t practice?”

The first answer you may come up with is…


It’s my fault. How can it be anyone else’s fault? 

But here’s the truth of it all…

It might just be that your habits are letting you down. And habits make up A LOT of your ability to follow through on what you want to do. 

Habits are like the key piece that many of us “naturally” put in place without realising it. But for those of you who haven’t naturally got the best habits in the world… 

Whose Fault When You Don't Practice? (Hint, it's NOT yours…)

Here’s a short list to help you during those days when you either forget to practice… or just don’t feel like it…

  • Leave the guitar somewhere you can see it often. It’s best if you can put it in a room you spend most of your time in. When you see it more… you’ll want to play it more.

  • Lower your expectations of how long you should be practicing for. The first 2 minutes are the most important. Get yourself a victory first. You can worry about the rest after.

  • Link your practice to something you do every day no matter what. For me… I link my guitar playing to after I have dinner. (And when my one year old is sound asleep.)

Whose Fault When You Don't Practice? (Hint, it's NOT yours…)

So which one of these did you find helpful?

Let me know…

Plus, if you haven’t anything you do that works for you (that’s not on this list…)

Get in touch, I’d love to hear about it!

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