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Barney electric guitar lessons guitar tuition east london

Barney Duly


"This is a fun and professional school with a structured  approach to learning guitar. 

They tailor lessons carefully to each student and seek to make you not just a guitarist, but also a musician.

It all takes place in a highly supportive communal environment with friendly smiles and all-you-can-drink tea!"

How can we help you with our guitar lessons? 

chardelle playing electric guitar guitar tuition east london

Learning guitar as a complete beginner

Never picked up a guitar before? 

Always wanted to play but didn't know where to start? 

Or maybe you've already tried the "youtube" method but got stuck a few months in. 

You might find having someone to help guide you and make sure no bad habits are developed is useful to help you get better at playing guitar. 

Andy m learning guitar with guitar tuition east london

Andy Munarriz

Business Owner

"I thought I could teach myself, got pretty much nowhere and began to doubt my ability. Within four months of starting with Guitar Tuition East London, my ability and confidence has propelled me to even perform in front of an audience for the very first time. That is something I would not have believed if told four months ago.

The structure of lessons work really well to accelerate confidence and makes learning the guitar much more enjoyable. 

The unexpected side benefit for me has been a much needed improvement in mindfulness. I'd recommend learning the guitar them over any mindfulness app!

Simon electric guitar lessons guitar tuition east london

Learning the guitar after being stuck for years 

Have you had multiple London guitar teachers before? 

Maybe you've been "self teaching" for over 20 years. 

Don't worry, you aren't the only ones who thought maybe "I'm just not musical". 

Understanding the guitar is normally the first step to integrating everything you've learnt together so far. And we've got plenty of experience helping students with exactly that, and help them find new confidence in their guitar playing.

Mark acoustic guitar lessons guitar tuition east london

Mark Callingham

Construction Manager

I have been coming for a year and my guitar playing has improved so much in that time.

I had three guitar teachers previously, I learned bits of songs.

Now I’m actually learning to play. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. If you want to learn guitar I would recommend you give Guitar Tuition East London a try.

Student learning kids guitar with guitar tuition east london

Getting the right guitar lessons for your child

Getting the right guitar lessons, ones that your child will love and enjoy rather than something that feels like it's a chore for them. 

Guitar lessons that will help boost your child's confidence, develop their creativity.

 kids guitar lessons guitar tuition east london

Ed Cross with Son 

This school is something very special indeed. Founded and run by Darryl and his charming, friendly, gifted and utterly dedicated young team, it provides skilled and inspiring guitar teaching.

My son is seven and he has developed a real feel for the guitar and acquired knowledge about chords and rhythm etc - he even chose to perform solo within three months of signing up!

It is very much a team effort and everyone involved is committed to supporting the students in realising their potential without pressure. An added bonus is the camaraderie amongst the parents too. 

The school is wonderful as it is but I suspect that it will in time grow in to something much bigger and is itself destined for stardom!

stelian bass guitar playing guitar tuition east london

Interested in bass guitar lessons? We do those too...

Learning bass guitar is different to learning the guitar. But the best thing about learning the bass is that guitar players love playing with you! 

Learn in a guitar school where there's lots of opportunities for you develop your bass playing AND get lots of opportunities to play with other guitar players and drummer.

Jenny bass guitar lessons london guitar tuition east london performing

Jenny Seabourne-Gaylor

Business owner

High recommended! I was given a bass guitar as a surprise present for my birthday in 2017 but didn’t have a clue where to start, having never played a guitar in my life!

I had heard of Guitar Tuition East London but didn’t know whether they taught bass, luckily for me they do!

The classes are varied, including working on rhythm, playing with other people and how to practice when you’re not in lessons.

The teachers adapt the lessons to the stage you are at and what your goals are and the whole team are really supportive. From being an absolute beginner the progress I’ve made is amazing.

Is there anything you don't teach on guitar?

Yes, we don't really teach classical guitar for a few different reasons. We've chosen to focus on helping the guitar players who want to become great at their electric or acoustic guitar playing for contemporary music. Whether that's learning folk and country songs, fingerpicking technique music, more singer-songwriter styles. Or more classic rock, metal or pop songs. We've got you covered. 

Darryl guitar teacher guitar tuition east london

How it all got started

Coming to London from the scenic countryside, excited about what was installed in the bright lights of London.

I started looking for a guitar teacher who might have something to offer me. 

Managing a music school

I had already managed another music school with 17 music teachers and guitar teachers in previously. And so knew exactly what I wanted out of a teacher.

Finding a guitar teacher in London...

It was a real struggle. I wanted someone who seemed like they had worked on their guitar teaching ability and had proven record of  developing each individual students' abilities. 

Instead I found endless websites promoting guitar teachers that were the same... with similar degrees... similar teaching styles. They hadn't really thought about a fully thought out system of learning the guitar, just replicating what they had experienced before, which seemed out-dated and ineffective.

What most guitar lessons I found in London are like

Most seem to offer guitar lessons that were either a set curriculum so rigid that was little wriggle room for learning what I wanted, or they wing it every week with no set plan in mind, wanting to play the guitar themselves during the lesson instead of me.

I expected more from the big wide city of London. 

Now running the first and only specialist guitar school in London

Fast forward 7 years, and I'm here running the first guitar school in London based on my dream of what I would have loved from a guitar school when I was learning.

bass London guitar lessons

Priyanka Sivakumaran


I cannot sing enough praises about Guitar Tuition East London!

I have been learning the bass guitar here for a few months and I can see the vast difference in my playing compared to when I started.

Lessons are so varied, so enjoyable and we always consolidate previous material.

The team of teachers are wonderful - always cheerful and very encouraging and there is a great nurturing environment at the school. Lessons are definitely something to look forward to every week!

How are we so specialist?

We are the only place that does guitar lessons for toddlers, younger children, teenagers' "cool guitar lessons". With more niche and specific guitar lessons for adults, even those who have retired and thought learning to play guitar was impossible for them.

We've helped make their dreams come true and overcome many of their frustrations. 

And that's what so special about the environment we've created at the school here. 

When our students may have been struggling on their own before. We've now help them realise that it is possible to get better on the guitar and to be able to play the way you want to. And overcome your frustrations.

The teaching method I've created are able to help our students achieve exactly what they are after, and normally way faster than they expected.

Starting to learn the guitar as a beginner

This is true for you even if you have never played the guitar before, looking for beginner guitar lessons, or you've had many guitar teachers before. We can help you put everything you've learnt before together, helping you to understand the guitar in a complete new light. 

What our guitar students get excited about:

One of the biggest thing that our guitar students get really excited about is the sense of community and comradeship at the school.

Our guitar students get so much confidence being in a supportive, positive environment that's not always found in the music world. 

guitar band performing guitar tuition east london

Learning guitar as someone who have tried many times before or just feel stuck

If you think, I've tried playing guitar three times before, and still haven't managed to do it yet - then get in contact and see for yourself how we can help you. 

Learning guitar as a complete beginner

If this is your first time wanting to learn, then get it right the first time, and have a great experience learning to play the guitar. 

Learning guitar for children and kids

For parents out there, if you want guitar lessons that go beyond just ticking boxes on a music exam grade paper and want your child to develop true musicianship. Then get in touch to find out how we can help your child to learn the guitar.

Theo learning guitar with guitar tuition east london

I joined Guitar Tuition as a beginner about 3 months ago, my goal is to learn and be able to play some songs and here I found the right place! I am now learning so fast with all the valuable information that teachers put on in every single lesson, no matter what level you are. They are patient, and helpful with every student. I couldn’t find a better place for learning guitar. Thanks for your work guys!

Theo Ministeri, Swimming instructor

Want to find out more about the guitar lessons at Guitar Tuition East London?

What sort of guitar lessons are you looking for? 

Experiences at Guitar Tuition East London 


Our students gain a lot of confidence with us so much so they are able to perform even a few months into learning with us as beginners!


Many of our students play guitar, sing and play in bands at concerts. Even performing original pieces as well. 

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Child learning guitar with Guitar Tuition East London
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Where is Guitar Tuition East London?

8-9 Penny Brookes St

East Village


E20 1BN

In Get Living London's East Village, right next to Westfield. 2 mins walk from Stratford International, DLR and Stratford Station. 

Only 10 minutes from Kings Cross, Liverpool St. 

Students do travel miles to come see us, one student, Derek travels from Chelmsford for guitar lessons with us. 

Faraz comes from Gatwick to come see to our London guitar lessons. 

Faraz guitar tuition east london acoustic guitar

Is it worth the travel to come to Guitar Tuition East London

Here is what our student Derek who travels 2 hours to come see us has to say:

Derek performing guitar tuition east london learning guitar

Derek Clark


I have tried for years to play guitar with some sort of efficiency, however I was ready to give up but then my friend told me about Guitar Lessons at Guitar Tuition East London. So I thought last chance if this doesn't work that's it.

I have to say truthfully, I have come on leaps and bounds, my playing is totally different in twelve weeks.

The teaching is first class, very friendly and tailored to your needs. Their teaching techniques are unique and without doubt WORK!!!.

With many different lessons each week covering every aspect you can imagine. If your want to play guitar this is the place to go.

Want to see for yourself?

Come to our school and meet us. We will be waiting with a cup of tea waiting in hand. We always love meeting new students who are excited to get better at playing the guitar. 🙂