Welcome To Guitar Lessons In London

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Barney Duly,


"This is a fun and professional school with a structured  approach to learning guitar.

They tailor lessons carefully to each student and seek to make you not just a guitarist, but also a musician.

It all takes place in a highly supportive communal environment with friendly smiles and all-you-can-drink tea!"

How can we help you with our guitar lessons?

Discover guitar as a complete beginner

Never picked up a guitar before?

Always wanted to play but didn't know where to start?

Or maybe you've already tried the "youtube" method but got stuck a few months in.

 You might find having someone to help guide you and make sure no bad habits are developed is useful to help you get better at playing guitar.

Chardelle started as a beginner, and has been working on her acoustic and electric guitar playing. On top of that, her singing, and playing performing as well.