When you play guitar, pain can be an issue. Some players experience neck pain. This guide will show you how to deal with neck pain and what you can do to eliminate it completely.


Your Guitar Size

The size of your guitar is important when dealing with neck pain.  A younger person or a female may have difficulty with a large acoustic guitar, which may cause neck pain when trying to hold the guitar. It may be too heavy, which causes you to strain to hold it correctly, and this may cause neck pain. There are smaller sized student guitars which reduce neck pain or eliminate it completely as they weight less and are easier to hold. 


How You Hold Your Guitar

How you hold the guitar is also another important factor. You can’t stoop over it or bend your neck as you look at the fretboard. This is where a high-quality chair dedicated to guitar practice is important. Get one that has a solid ergonomic back to support your back as you sit. You don’t want armrests as these get in the way. There are chairs made that are specifically designed, so you stay comfortable while practicing the guitar. If you like, you may also want to use a guitar footstool to angle your guitar in a more comfortable position. How you sit is important if you want to eliminate neck pain.


Always sit in an appropriate chair and not on the bed or slouched on a  couch while you practice guitar. If you develop poor practice habits, this increases the chances that you develop some type of pain issue like neck pain while you play.

How to Reduce Neck Pain as a Guitar Player


Standing While Playing

Standing while you play is what most guitar payers dow hile on stage, but this can cause neck pin. The common culprit is your guitar strap. You can’t string the guitar too low, or you’ll have to bend down to play the frets too much, which will strain your shoulders and neck. This isn’t a comfortable position for your neck to be in.


The strap itself also needs to be comfortable. If the strap digs into your shoulders and neck or doesn’t sit right then, pain may occur. Make sure your strap is as comfortable as possible. You may want one that has a lot of padding to keep the neck and the shoulders free of pain.  A heavier guitar may also be problematic with a strap. For example, a Gibson Les Paul is quite heavy, while a Strat-style guitar is lighter. Heavier acoustics can also cause more neck and shoulder pain.


If you stand, keep your back straight and don’t hunch over the guitar. You want the guitar at a height that is comfortable for you to play at. Some players may find that sitting is the best option for them. Experiment with the strap height and place it where it’s the most comfortable for you. This will eliminate a lot of the problems that you experience with neck pain while you play. Change straps until you find one that works for your needs. A strap made with solid leather will be the best option. 

How to Reduce Neck Pain as a Guitar Player



Light exercise to strengthen your back and shoulders can help reduce neck pain. If the muscles in these areas are weak, it will translate to more pain when you play.  Try to get some exercise if you play the guitar as this will help. Light weight training can reduce pain in the neck. Try ti stretch the arms and your neck a bit before you sit down to practice to loosen up the area.



If the pain is persistent, try ice on the area. This will reduce the pain and allow you to get back to playing. Paid medication should be taken if the pain is severe. See a doctor if the pain doesn’t go away.

How to Reduce Neck Pain as a Guitar Player


Time Off

Take time off if you still experience pain. You may need to evaluate the guitar you own, your strap, and how you’re holding it. It’s usually one of these factors that are causing the neck pain in the first place. Be sure to watch your posture and how you sit with your instrument.

How to Reduce Neck Pain as a Guitar Player



You can reduce and even eliminate neck pain when you play the guitar. Make sure you sit in the correct fashions and have a comfortable chair. When you stand to play, use a high-quality guitar strap. Keep the guitar at a level that is comfortable for your needs. If you follow this guide, your neck pain will be a thing of the past.

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