Getting noticeable results from your practicing can be a slow process.

If you don't struggle with finding time to practice...

Or struggle with feeling like your progress is slower than a snail


But if you do…

Here are 10 things you can do to accelerate your progress...

  1. Keep your guitar out of the case - When your guitar is out of the case… you’re more likely to pick it up.
accessories guitar stand
  • Follow the 2 minute rule - People put too much pressure on themselves to practice for 30 minutes of an hour a day. But then they’ll skip practice because they “didn’t have the time.” 2 Minutes is better than skipping a day (or a week.) It all adds up.
  • Keep your guitar where you see it often - The more you see it… the more you’ll want to pick it up and play.
  • Keep any extra things you need (like a tuner, capo, pick, etc…) close to where you practice - This is a no-brainer. Especially if you’re someone who’s busy. Why waste your valuable practice time when you could be working on your next favourite song?
your first guitar tuner
  • Turn off your phone (or put it on airplane mode) - This has been the biggest change I’ve made recently. My phone is like a black hole of time. When I turn it off… I feel a disconnect from needing to look at it. I’m able to give my full attention to practicing my guitar.
  • Turn off WiFi (if you’re practicing in front of a computer) - Another black hole of time is YouTube. It’s so easy to go online to simply “check something.” Before you know it… it’s two hours later and you’re watching cute cat videos.
  • Decide what you’re going to do BEFORE your hands ever touch the strings - Sounds simple enough? But you’ll be amazed how much time I’ve seen people waste because they don’t know what to practice.
  • Have any materials you need ready and easy to access - This includes pens… music… notebooks… Etc. Again, who has time to search for this stuff mid practice?
  • Work with a timer - Timers keep you focused. The more you’re able to focus, the more productive you’re able to be.
Do You Do Any Of These 10 Practice Progress Killers?
  • Link guitar practice to something you do already - This comes from a best selling book on habit building. Take something in your day (like cooking dinner…) and link your practice to it with a simple sentence. “Before I cook dinner… I practice guitar for 2 minutes.” (Bonus points if you link your habit to the 2 minute rule.)

And there you have it…

10 way to accelerate your guitar progress.

Every time I do one of the things from the list above I tend to make more progress. It should go without saying that doing one of these things won’t make you better overnight.

But they will make a difference over the course of three to six months.

Which of these ten things can you do more of?

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