Some guitarists never seem to feel embarrassed about their own guitar playing.

If that’s you… that's great! If not, keep reading…

Feeling embarrassed (especially when playing in front of someone…) is VERY normal. 

I’ve met many people who feel this way. Some of my students also feel this way too.

Does Your Guitar Playing Ever Embarrass You?

The good news is there IS something you can do to begin feeling more confident...

There’s two ways to build the kind of unshakeable confidence that you might be looking for. What I’m talking about is NOT an overnight fix…

But when you work on each of these areas… you can feel like a dramatically different player.

Let’s talk about each one…

#1 - Develop Your Skills

This one sounds like it should be obvious…

The more you work on improving your skills… the more confident you become. Those doubts about how your guitar playing will sound begin to slowly melt away.

That’s because you become less worried about if your hands will do the right thing. It becomes more like a habit. And once you’ve turned a skill into a habit… you no longer worry about it.

Your hands just “do” what you want.

Does Your Guitar Playing Ever Embarrass You?

To talk about exactly what YOU should be doing right now is impossible in this article. There’s far too many different skills to talk about.

And depending on your level... and your current challenges you have…

The guidance you need should be tailored to YOU.

This is what I do for my students. I look at their goals. Where they’re currently at. What’s missing from their playing. What’s currently holding them back. And I help them put a plan together so that the challenges can slowly melt away.

If you want to check out how you can get your first lesson for free… and see if we’re the right school for you…

I know I said I’d share TWO ways to build “unshakable confidence” but this article is getting pretty long...

Click here to read part 2...

P.S. Check out our video below to see how some of our students built their confidence playing guitar, performing in front of 200+ people at our annual Big Gig event!

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