Having a basic knowledge of music is enough for you to be a supportive parent. One who is able to help your child succeed at guitar at home.

The kid might have a passion for guitar and music. But like every other school subject, he/she may need a push every now and then.

how to help your child play guitar at home

You don't need to know how to play guitar to help your child at home

Getting better at the guitar is an intentional and conscious thing every player has to learn. In essence, if you want your kid to get better with the guitar, you need to help work with them through the process.

Even if a guitar teacher, your child spends the majority of their time away from the teacher.

And a child does not have the self-control or discipline or an adult, so they need your help to guide them along the path.

We can all agree that as important as practice at school is; practising at home adds to the learning of the guitar.

Let's get started with the guide, what can we do at home to help our little ones.

Be A Motivator

I have always had an interest in playing the guitar since I was eight. My passion grew even stronger because of the support I received.

While I did the majority of the actual practice, my mom was behind me every step of the way. She was very encouraging. 

Motivating Parent for playing guitar

She was always there to ask me to play her a new song, and song along to whatever I played.

Now come to think of it...Some of my guitar playing was terrible, but she sang along anyway.

Your kids need to see that you have a personal interest in them succeeding as a guitarist. You have no idea how much they want to make you proud as parents and they want your approval.

Encourage Them to Revise Their Session Notes

The notes kids take in their guitar sessions for the key topics in the lessons.

Helping your child over those notes after their session helps them remember.

Otherwise, 3 days have gone passed, and they struggle to remember what they did.

looking at guitar lessons notes

In the beginning, their notes might not make as much sense. As they are starting out, their practice won't be very good.

And that's okay, the most important thing is that you help them. Ask the teacher for help separately if you need it.

When you go through notes with your child. You will help your child to realise playing the guitar requires learning new things. And then going over things, over and over again. And that's okay.

The most important thing is to not give up.

Help Them Learn New Chords

Working on a new chord could take weeks to master, in some cases, months.

Sometimes, the child's fingers would be on the string but the string keeps buzzing.

Such buzzing sound means the note isn't ringing out.

In an instance like this, it's normally because your child's fingers are either:

  • Pressing too lightly on the strings
  • Fingers are too far from the fretline.

Now, this buzzing noise can be frustrating even to adults learning the guitar.

And in the beginning, some buzzing is okay, while they build coordination.

But you can help by mentioning. How are your fingers? How hard are you pressing down? Where are they on the fret?

Little questions to remind them shows them that you are interested in them. And willing to help.

Make Recordings of Every Milestone

I still try to listen back to the recordings my parents made years ago, and I never stop being proud of myself.

Making videos of your child's playing can make a huge impact on them.

record child playing guitar

Most children love showing off. Whether it's a new chord, scale or chord progression that they've learnt. Record them playing it.

You can also use recordings to give your child feedback. They can spot their errors themselves and correct them without you having to suggest it.

Give them fun challenges

Kids can improve their skills if you give them fun challenges.

Have them pick a song of their choice and practise it to performance level.

fun challenges for children learning guitar

Give them a nice timeframe, like 2-3 weeks for a song. So that they feel a little healthy pressure.

After that time, you can record their "performance", even if it is in front of you and the cat. And use it as a way for them to compare a few months apart, as encouragement. And also helps to start building a repertoire of songs that they can show off with.

If you would like us to help your child learn the guitar?

At Guitar Tuition East London, we can help your child to be a more confident musician. With lots of opportunities for their creativity to shine through.

Meet us in person to find out how we can help your child learn to play the guitar.

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