How to get better at guitar and have way more fun learning

Learning and getting better on guitar is one of the most fun things you can do. Unfortunately, tons of guitar players make their learning experience much less fun for various reasons.

When practicing guitar feels like work, makes you frustrated or sounds boring, you know something is wrong. Good news is, there are ways to avoid this and make learning on guitar more fun than ever. Here are just a few ways you can do it:

Set clear & tangible musical goals

Learning guitar without clear goals is only fun for a little while. Eventually, you run into several roadblocks that take away from how much fun it is to learn guitar. First, it’s hard to feel motivated to keep practicing when you don’t have something specific you’re trying to achieve. Second, it’s hard to stay motivated when you aren’t sure why you are learning a specific thing.

Guitar players who learn without goals also tend to overwhelm themselves with too many things to learn at once. This happens because they don’t know what they should be learning or simply try to get good at too many things at the same time (without using a guitar practice schedule to make their practicing time as efficient as possible).

Set musical goals for yourself so you have something to look forward to every time you play. Take the time to narrow down things you want to achieve into tangible goals (such as playing a lick at a specific tempo, playing a song perfectly several times through, etc.). Set short, medium and long term goals for yourself. As you are going through this process, avoid making vague goals for yourself such as “get better” or “play faster”… The clearer and more tangible the goal, the easier it is to understand what/how to practice to reach it.

Track how much progress you make each week

As soon as you have thought of all the goals you want to achieve, begin tracking your progress in all areas of your playing every week. This achieves the following:

  • It makes sure that you are not being held back by weaknesses in your playing. Since you are tracking your progress in all areas of your guitar playing, you quickly find the weak areas that hold you back. When you improve these areas, your overall playing improves and you don’t deal with the frustration of feeling like a total beginner at one thing, and an expert at another.
  • You practice more efficiently, because you don’t waste time working too much on things you’ve already mastered.
  • You see yourself getting better. Tracking your progress helps you really see yourself improving. This is a big part of what makes learning guitar fun. Every time you see yourself getting better, you feel motivated. The more motivated you feel, the more fun you have.

Take lessons with a great guitar teacher

Taking lessons with a great guitar teacher makes learning much more fun than trying to figure things out on your own. With a guitar teacher, you have someone with tons of experience and expertise to guide you all the way through the process of reaching your goals. Whenever you feel frustrated, you can go to him to get instant feedback to fix your problem. This means less time feeling frustrated and more time having fun.

Apply the information of this article into your guitar playing now and watch as you start having more fun than ever before!

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