3 Important Things You Need When Learning to Play Acoustic Guitar

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Learning how to play the acoustic guitar is the most popular way to start these days.

However, that is not necessarily the easiest way to go about it. The acoustic guitar does present some physical challenges because they tend to be bigger than electric guitars.

Don’t despair, you can definitely overcome those challenges if you go about it the right way.

Here are 3 important things you need to know to help you successfully learn how to play the guitar when you start on an acoustic.

1. Start On The Right Foot And Buy Yourself A Good Quality Guitar

Acoustic guitars come in many different levels of quality and the higher the quality of the guitar you learn to play on the easier it will be.

You should definitely avoid beginner or entry level acoustic guitars if at all possible. These guitars are very cheap and they are typically much harder to play.

Why? Because they are usually full body guitars so they are bigger and bulkier to hold. The strings are typically further from the fretboard and a lot more difficult to press down.

When you buy a higher quality guitar you can usually circumvent those many of things. For example, you can find thinner bodied guitars which are ideal for people who are just starting out like.

Investing a bit more on a good quality guitar that fits you better at the start will help you start on the right track and make it more likely you will succeed at learning to play the acoustic.

2. Prepare To Add A Healthy Dose Of Perseverance

Playing the guitar is not the easiest skill to learn. Trying to learn on an acoustic guitar makes it slightly more difficult, and that is still true if you have a good quality guitar to start with.

The acoustic guitar presents challenges with the size of the body. Even on a thin bodied guitar it will be thicker than it would be on an electric. The neck on an acoustic is also typically wider so you have to stretch a bit more.

Then you have thicker strings, the action is higher so the strings are further from the fretboard and means they need to be pressed harder to contact the frets.

Then you have to coordinate two hands and arms at the same time as you are overcoming all those other physical challenges!

There will be easy parts and more challenging parts when learning to play and that means you will need to add some perseverance when things get a bit difficult.

I’m not saying all of that to discourage you but to prepare you. Those challenges can definitely be overcome and many times avoided when you get the proper direction and training, which happens to be the next topic in this article.

3. Find A Professionally Trained Guitar Teacher

Finding someone to help teach you how to play the guitar is a good step, but not all guitar teachers are the same and most do not actually have training on how to teach.

They know how to play the guitar, and probably quite well, but they do not necessarily know how to approach teaching you how to do it.

When you find a professionally trained guitar teacher, someone who was taught how to teach and how to teach the guitar specifically, you are learning from an expert in the field of guitar.

Such a person will have the most advanced techniques and strategies to train and teach you how to learn to play the acoustic guitar by teaching the right things that you need.

This is critical for your success!

The Most Important Of The 3 Items In This Article

Finding and then learning from a professionally trained guitar teacher is by far the most important of the 3 items in this article.

That’s because finding the a person will likely mean you will be studying with the best teacher in your area. They can help you overcome any and all of the challenges that may come while learning how to play to the acoustic guitar.

They will also teach “you” specifically, not just give you stuff, and build a plan for you and your goals that will be tailored around what you want to accomplish.

Learning to play the acoustic guitar can be challenging but all of that gets easier when you find the right teacher.

About The Author:

Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has taught many people how to learn to play the guitar. Find out more important things you need to learn to play acoustic guitar by visiting his website right now!