Most people go about practicing chords in the wrong way…

The approach they use (which I’ll explain about in a bit…) leaves them frustrated for months... and it seems to take AGES to get past these “simple” challenges.

Now before I tell you about this “insanely effective” practice idea… I want you to know that there’s more than one way to work on your chords. What I’m about to tell you is NOT the “holy grail” of practicing chords...

… but it does work frighteningly well.

So what do people normally do?

One thing I hear time and time again are these words - “I avoid it.”

And that right there is a big part of the problem…

Avoiding the problem will NEVER fix it. (Obviously.)

… but besides simply being aware that the problem exists, how should YOU work on it?

Struggle with chords? Read this…

Well everyone usually has a particular kind of chord they don’t like. And this chord often comes up over and over in songs, or when jamming with friends. It stops them confidently playing through the songs they love and playing as well as they know they can.

The very first thing you want to do is to identify what this chord is. For a lot of beginners that might be F, or C. If you’re more advanced it might be a barre chord… or anything else. Whatever it is… get it figured out.

The next step is you need to challenge your brain to tackle this chord in as many ways as possible…

Meaning… practice changing to this chord from as many other chords as you know.

Say the chord you’re stuck with is F. Practice changing from C to F. G to F. A to F. Em to F. And so on…

When you do this, your fingers get control over this chord VERY quickly.

Common Problems Learning Guitar Chords and How to Overcome Them

This might not be the most ground breaking idea in the world… but it works. And my students love it because they see massive changes in a single training session with me.

But that’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this little nugget of info.

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