Everyone knows that learning guitar can be frustrating at times. Especially if you write your own music.

I know not everyone reading this will want to write their own music…

But what I’m about to share applies to learning chords… songs… solos… etc. (And there’s a cool video at the end for you to watch too. If you want to just watch the video…. you can skip to the end.)

Chardelle is a student of ours who’s been learning guitar for a few years now. Her dream has always been to write her own music... and to be able to express herself with it.

Your goal might be different. It could be to play at an open mic. Or to learn a few songs. Or even play some cool solos.

A Reason To Never Give Up

Whatever your goal is… you’re going to meet resistance.

Your brain is going to tell you to stop.


Give up.

I’m sure Chardelle had all these thoughts at one point or another. But she’s stuck with it. She kept coming to lessons. She carried on practicing and kept challenging her brain. 

I knew Chardelle had been improving. But when she released her latest song I wasn’t expecting to hear what I did.

She’s had a professional video guy create a music video... 

The song she wrote has been produced professionally…

And it sounds great! (I’m not just saying this because she’s my student.)

Chardelle is a great example of someone who never gives up. Music is an important part of her life and that shows.

guitar student performing at Open Mic at Guitar Tuition East London

If you’d like to check out her new song, you can watch it at the bottom of this article...

If you enjoy her music leave a nice comment for Chardelle.

Whatever challenges you’re facing today. They can be overcome. Just stick with it and as long as you have someone to help guide you along your journey…

You can achieve anything.

Enjoy the video!

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