Many guitar players end up quitting the guitar. 

Some of them do this after taking a few lessons. 

Others have been playing for a few years and put the guitar away in the closet. 

Here is what you should do if you feel like quitting the guitar and why you might want to give it a second chance.

I Wanted to Quit Too

When I was learning how to play guitar, I wanted to quit too. It was very frustrating for me to try to learn certain things on the instrument. My fingers are smaller than average. It was difficult playing. I wanted to throw my guitar away in the garbage.


I didn't end up doing this. What I did was focus on areas of guitar that I had a lot of skill in it. While I struggled a lot with chords, I found playing scales to be easier on my fingers, so I concentrated on them.  I worked on my scales as much as possible. This allowed me to developed great lead guitar techniques. It became my main focus on the instrument.

You Can't Learn It All

You can't learn everything on the guitar. There is no way for you to master every aspect of the instrument. There is always something to learn on the guitar. You will end up failing if you think that you can learn everything. A lot of people want to learn things fast. This does not occur when learning an instrument. 

It takes time for you to master certain aspects of the guitar. You may have a weakness in your playing like I did, but you probably have strengths as well.  There is no need for you to try and master everything all at once.

Take a Break

Sometimes you need to take a break from the instrument. I did this for several years. I didn't play my guitar for quite a while. When I finally pick the instrument up again, I had a new passion for it.

I ended up teaching guitar because I was so passionate about it. The guitar can be a part of your life; there's no reason for you to quit because you find some things in the instrument to be difficult. You have to understand that playing the guitar is difficult. It takes a long time for players to become proficient on the instrument. 


No one is born with great guitar skills. This is something you have to learn. There are very few people that are naturally gifted. For most of us, it's something we have to work. We have to put the time and effort into playing the guitar.

What to Do If You Feel Like Quitting Guitar

Play What You Love

You probably have music that you love. You'll get more enjoyment out of the guitar if you focus on music that you like. You could sit down and learn the songs of your favorite artists. This will give you a passion for playing the guitar. I did this myself, I learned the songs of my favorite artist, and this helped me strive to get better. 

What to Do If You Feel Like Quitting Guitar

Try Something New

Another way you can rekindle your love for the instrument is to try something new. Perhaps you could analyze a new guitar style. If you enjoy playing rock guitar, try playing country guitar for a while. Maybe you could try a different guitar tuning than standard.


When you try something new, you need to learn all over again. This can rekindle your love for the instrument because it gives you something else to strive for. Perhaps you might end up becoming quite skilled in that new thing that you tried.

What to Do If You Feel Like Quitting Guitar

Play With Others

If you're frustrated playing the guitar, try to get out and play with others. It is exciting and beneficial for you to play with other people. You will learn a lot about timing, rhythm, and how to make music. It's difficult sitting in your bedroom trying to learn.


The thing is, you don't need a lot of guitar skills to play with other people. You can make great music knowing a few chords or scales. You don't have to be a master at anything to play with others. Many of the most famous songs we know are quite simple. To get out of your rut and to rekindle your passion, find others to play with. 


There is no real reason to quit playing guitar. It takes time to learn the instrument, so you have to accept the process. Take time off if you need to and do something else. Try to get together with other people and jam for a while. You will find that you will rekindle your passion for guitar if you approach the instrument in a different way.


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