Always do this when learning songs

Yesterday I found myself caught in the "Blackhole Of YouTube"…

*Click*... next video…

*Click*... next video…

That was until I stumbled on this gem...

It was a video on how to practice songs effectively.

I’m always interested in learning so what do you think I did?

Yep you got it… *CLICK*

To my surprise there was a lot of good points in there about song learning.

So naturally this got me thinking…

How should YOU practice songs?

Well that’s pretty damn hard to answer because you’re all different…

But… there are two key song practicing secrets you need to follow.

(Well you don’t have to but it will make you better.)

Here’s what I think you should always do when practicing songs:

1. Pin-Point The Bottlenecks… Fast

A bottleneck is a big weakness that’s holding you back.

As you go through a song, there will be parts you find easy…

Parts you find moderately challenging…

And parts that are just damn impossible.

If you want to learn songs faster AND improve your skills, you’ll want to start with learning AND practicing these hard bits.


Because pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is the key to improving on the guitar.

And speaking of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone... that brings us to secret two...

2. Find Out... "What The Heck Is Going On?"

Here’s how most people practice a song...

They learn what their hands have to do and the movements they need to make.

This is all well and good… but we’re missing something.

Something important…

And that something is to understand the music.

Okay this tip is more advanced BUT this is how you can take what you learn in songs and use it for your own playing.

I’ve done this for years now and it’s a BIG reason why I’m able to:

- Have a lot of fun soloing

- Play through songs without needing to actually practice them

… and many others.

I have a catalogue of ideas in my head from all the songs I’ve learned. And when I’m playing I’m simple drawing on everything I’ve learned because I took the time to understand it.

It made me a better player and a better musician.

So if you have any songs you need help with… allow me to help (Only if you wanna of course…)

Just fill out my short, two minute, contact form and I’ll give you a FREE lesson to get started.

I’ll break down your guitar playing and show you EXACTLY why you’re stuck and what you need to do.

Darryl “learning songs the right way” Powis

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