There’s a simple (and odd) little fix that involves using language to program your brain to understand rhythm almost instantly.

So simple in fact that they teach it to young kids to help them learn…

It’s no secret that rhythm and strumming can be a nightmare.

And it’s easy to look down at your hands and wonder why you can’t get it right.

Can’t Wrap Your Head Around Rhythm and Strumming? Read This

If you struggle with rhythm and strumming… I have some good news and bad news…

Bad news first…

Hoping that your hands will help cure all your rhythm woes is a dead end.

You’ll NEVER improve that way. That’s because your hands aren’t the source of the problem. This is one of the biggest misconceptions around guitar practice.

… but that’s a topic for another day… you probably want the good news!

So as I mentioned earlier...

There’s a little fix using language you can use today to program your brain to understand a tricky rhythm right away.

So what is this "quick fix" that uses language?

One way to program your brain to learn a rhythm is to turn it into a sentence.

This is great for many reasons…

It helps your brain understand where the start and end of a rhythm should be

It makes to 10x easier to understand how the rhythm should sound

And when your brain understands what to do… your hands do too. (Because what controls your hands…?)

Here’s an example…

If I take the rhythm: “duh - duh duh - duh duh -”

(Yes, that’s me singing rhythm to you through this article.)

You can turn it into a sentence like this:

“My - gui tar - is blue -”

… and in case you’re wondering the “-” are pauses/breaks in the rhythm.

Can’t Wrap Your Head Around Rhythm and Strumming? Read This

Then how you practice this is you speak out the sentence either out loud or in your mind. And then you strum the rhythm on the guitar. Rinse, repeat, victory!

The sentences don’t have to be great. They don’t even have to make sense…

They’re there to serve as a tool to help your brain understand what it has to do.

And that’s the most important thing about practicing. Learning how to use your brain to help you with your practice is the most valuable thing you can ever learn.

Check out Darryl's YouTube video below all about how to make your strumming sound better:

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