When I was 9 years old I was in a car crash.

It was a dark winter night in the country side.

My dad was driving down a tiny winding country lane.

The kind of road where you can barely see further than the end of your car.


I didn’t know what had happened…

“Are you ok?” said dad.

He got out to see what had happened…

We’d battered a big iron gate just sticking out from the side of the road, invisible as we turned the corner.

Car Crashes... And Your Guitar Practice

Thankfully NO one was hurt. Why?

Because I was wearing my seatbelt.

That’s because from a young age…

The first thing dad taught me was to check I’d got my seatbelt on.

It’s the first thing you do when you get in a car…

And it’s pretty important for the whole rest of your journey.

Just like the beginning of your car journey is important… so too is the start of your child's guitar practice.

The biggest enemy of guitar practice is distraction…

Everything in the world is vying for your child's attention.

The first job is to make it easier to focus.

Here’s some helpful tips I make sure I do every time I practice guitar.

1)  I put my phone on silent... and put it somewhere I can’t see it.

That way I can’t distract myself.

2) I let anyone who might disturb me know that I’ll be busy.

3) I plan what I want to do with my time.

4) I have all the materials I need ready.

5) I use a timer to count down the period of practise time for each item I’m working on.

This helps me stay on task… and not end up watching tv, checking emails, or scrolling through YouTube while I’m trying to practise.

Car Crashes... And Your Guitar Practice

It’s made a massive difference to my playing.

Without them… I find it difficult to focus.

Take some time to help your child prepare for their guitar practice.

It’s the simple things that can make the biggest difference.

If you’re not sure what your child should practice or how to work on it... click the orange button below to get in touch!

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