Last night I found something exciting which can help your guitar expectations and your learning...

What I found was the first seven episodes of season four of Stranger Things on Netflix. (If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil anything.)

Stranger Things… Expectations and Your Learning

However, it wasn’t quite everything I expected. I’m not knocking the TV show. Quite the opposite. It’s great! But the TV show didn’t match my expectations.

After watching two episodes… and using all my willpower to make sure I don’t binge watch TV until 3am…

I noticed that the TV show was “darker.” Quite a bit darker. At least from what I remember.

And this got me thinking about your learning (yes I do weird stuff like that…) and expectations toward learning.

When learning the guitar… It's not easy to see the work that needs putting in.

It can become frustrating at times when you don’t learn as fast as you “thought you should be.” But it’s very rarely your fault.

Stranger Things… Expectations and Your Learning

The problem is that there’s a mismatch with your expectations. And this mismatch causes a lot of people to quit. (Especially if you’re new to the guitar.) 

It’s not that you wouldn’t put in the work. If you enjoy the idea of learning guitar… you’re probably happy to put in the practice because you know that the end result is going to be great!

But it might have been nice when beginning your journey to know what to expect.

For example, I’m not a massive fan of horror movies. I HATE jump scares. But I LOVE Stranger Things (... the TV show.) If someone would have told me before watching it that the show had more jump scares in it… I think I would’ve been better prepared to know what to expect. 

So back to your learning…

What should you do when you feel like your expectations aren’t matching up to the progress you’re making.

The very first thing to do is try to focus on the little things you can do TODAY to get a little bit better. No matter what the goal is… there’s always something small you can do that will bring you closer.

Stranger Things… Expectations and Your Learning

If you’re a beginner… that might be practicing your chord changes for two minutes a day.

If you’re working on your fretboard… you might practice writing out your scales on paper.

Of course, it’s beyond the scope of this article for me to go into all the things YOU should do. That’s what I do for my students who come to my guitar school.

But whatever your aim is… know that it IS achievable. 

Sure it might take you a little longer than you first thought. But it’s worth it. 

It’s worth it when you can look back on all your hard work and be able to confidently play guitar exactly how you imagined. (Whatever that means to you.)

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