It’s a mistake to assume that every guitar teacher offers the same value of lessons just because they teach the same subject. Choosing guitar lessons is not the same as choosing which carton of milk to buy from the grocery store.

Guitar Lessons Comparisons

All guitar lessons are not created equal and come in varying qualities. There are good guitar teachers, excellent guitar teachers, poor guitar teachers and everywhere in between. Learning guitar with an excellent teacher vs. a poor teacher can make a difference of years when it comes to achieving big things in your guitar playing.

“It’s unfortunate that so many guitar players fail to reach their musical goals because they waste tons of time working with poor teachers. The reality is: there are more poor guitar teachers than truly great ones. If you get stuck with a mediocre teacher, you're doomed to make very slow progress. This is why we chose to take a stand and give students a chance to really excel.”

learning to play guitar London guitar lessons

Choosing Your Guitar Teacher

It is very important to choose your guitar teacher wisely. And take the highest quality lessons so you can advance in your playing faster.

Reality is, there are many guitar teachers who have general music degrees, but this means NOTHING when it comes to guitar teaching! Why?

Learning music at university has nothing to do with learning how to teach music. Learning how to teach requires a whole new skill set compared to simply understanding the underlying concepts of how music works. The best guitar teachers train hard to get certified for these skills. Mediocre teachers improve their teaching through trial-and-error. Essentially turning their students into guinea pigs. Don’t settle for this. Do your research to make sure your guitar teacher is certified to teach.

guitar student guitar Tuition East London

Darryl with Rob during guitar lesson at Guitar Tuition East London 

Certified Guitar Teachers

In addition to seeing that your guitar teacher is certified specifically to teach guitar. (i.e. they don’t just have a general music degree). There are other things to look for to guarantee you’re getting the best guitar lessons possible.

For example: you know you’re on the right track when you see that your guitar teacher has already helped many other students achieve big accomplishments in their playing. This means the teacher knows how to help you reach your goals too. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the guitar teacher you want to work with has helped his students achieve the same things you want to achieve in YOUR guitar playing.

Learning Guitar In The Right Place

You’re learning in the right place here. We’ve spent countless hours training to improve our guitar teaching skills while helping other guitarists reach the exact same goals you want to reach. We’ve put ourselves on a never-ending quest to improve and offer the best guitar lessons possible.

We find this to be the best way to guarantee results for our students, and we take great pride in helping them become incredible players.

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