Do you ever feel like you're not improving with your guitar playing?

“Good things take time...but great things happen all at once.”

That quote comes from the movie Rat Race. A ridiculous comedy where a bunch of normal people compete to find a bag full of money.

And as silly as that movie is...the quote stands true.

Good things do take time. You must work at them. Build them...

But then suddenly as if by some sudden force of nature, those good things turn into great things. And it happens faster than you can imagine.

Seemingly “all at once.”

Imagine yourself trying to push a boulder off a hill.

You push and strain. And you get tired but you keep pushing and the boulder barely seems to move at all. 

First you nudge it one inch. Then another inch...

Until suddenly...

How To Always Feel Like You’re Improving

It rolls down the hill at a blistering pace. Taking out the obstacles in its way. The momentum that YOU gave it from pushing makes it a near impossible force to stop.

Your guitar playing works on the same principle as the boulder. 

(Except without the sweating and pushing...and a lot less hard work)

All you have to do is take one small action towards improving your playing each day. You may not see any changes in your guitar playing right away. But you keep doing that “one small action” until BOOM... Your confidence starts to grow.

Then you keep going...and BOOM again... you feel a little better about your playing.

You see, becoming better at guitar doesn’t always improve gradually. It won't happen every few days or each week. 

Sometimes it improves in “leaps and bounds.” 

How To Always Feel Like You’re Improving

I wanted to talk about this today because it’s so easy to feel you should always be improving. Sometimes those improvements ARE happening… they’re just behind the scenes.

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