Get Better Results When You Practice Guitar

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3 Ways To Get Better Results When You Practice Guitar

The higher quality your guitar practice is, the better results you get and faster you become a great guitarist. Fact is, many guitar players have no idea how to practice guitar to get results. A lot of them just practice things in a random manner, hoping to get better. This approach is very limiting and only gets minimal results. Here are some ways to make your practice more effective:

Integrate your skills together

Practicing guitar skills in isolation will help you master those skills to a certain degree. However, playing real music with guitar requires being able to use many different skills at the same time. For example, playing great guitar solos involves mastery over skills such as: improvising, lead guitar technique, rhythm (for timing), phrasing, ear training, fretboard visualization and music theory.

A lot of guitarists would only work on technique to become great lead players. Then would become shocked when they try to improvise a solo but struggle to play anything that sounds remotely musical. Avoid this by continually looking for ways to practice combining different guitar skills together.

Eliminate distractions and practice with total focus

The things you practice for guitar are certainly important, but the way you practice is just as important. You get more results in your practice when you practice with total focus. In part, this means totally eliminating distractions. These can include videos, television or anything else that might cause your mind to wander.

Practising Guitar with Strong Focus

When you practice with strong focus, you increase the quality of your practice. Many players make the mistake of practicing for long hours at a time without breaks and lose focus during this time.

As a result, they stop concentrating on what they are doing and retain much less benefit from their practice. Remember, you don’t have to practice 5+ hours per day to become a great guitarist. Work together with a guitar teacher to create a practice schedule and determine how long you should practice each item within it.

Track your progress

Practicing effectively is not just about repeat the same exercises over and over. You must practice using a schedule centered around your biggest musical goals. Then you need to consistently track and measure your progress every week to see how much closer you are to achieving them.

To track a measure your progress effectively, track every single aspect of your guitar playing in as much detail as possible.

Having the perfect guitar teacher for you

Having a great guitar teacher is the best way to guarantee results from your practice efforts. They understand how to help you achieve your guitar playing goals fast and will give you a schedule to follow. From there, you simply need to practice exactly as they tell you. Anytime you aren’t sure what to do, they will guide you to keep you on track.