Are you the kind of person who wants to learn LOTS of songs... 

But don’t want things to be over-complicated?

Then you’re going to love this.

As I said in the title of this article… with these four chords… And one simple little device on the guitar… You can learn hundreds (if not thousands) of songs.

(Don’t believe me? I’ll put a link to a famous YouTube video where three Australian comedians power through 40+ songs using the same four chords.)

So at this point you’re probably wondering…

“What are these four chords?”

“What simple device?”

I’ll reveal what they are before the end of this article.

But first…

Why is this important to YOU?

Because this is a lesson in simplicity... you don’t have to make things complicated to feel like a competent guitar player.

You don’t need to learn hundreds of chords… or dozens of techniques to play great songs. (Although these can be useful depending on your goals.)

When you hone in on one simple set of chords…

And you learn how to make them sound great…

Learning lots of songs (and making them sound good) becomes pretty simple.

Sure, you still have to put in the practice to get good at switching between these chords. And yes, you do have to practice learning how to make them sound good…

But no-one learns guitar overnight.

And once you have the skills, you have them for life.

So what are the chords... the device... the video?

The chords?

G D Em C


C G Am F

The device?

A capo.

The video?

Check out these three Australian comedians power through 40+ songs using the same four chords

(I know the guitarist isn’t using a capo. That’s because he has practiced his barre chords.)

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